Sam, a Eurovision enthusiast, spent his Year Dot pursuing musical dreams and exploring his sense of identity…

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Sam Phripp

The power of hope


Who said being a teenager was easy? Dealing with Eurovision disappointment and launching his music career has been a character-building experience for Sam. He’s changed loads this year and has high hopes for the future, now more than ever...

Sam's to do list

  1. Utilise the huge talent of songwriters and producers interested in having a song submitted for the Eurovision Song Contest.
  2. Enter BBC's Eurovision: Your Decision with a technically sound song and a technically fabulous performance.
  3. Make things easier for young Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people in the UK.
  4. Develop my own song-writing and performing skills through live recorded performance videos.
  5. Develop as a person, meet new people and generally have a 'banging' time (init).
  6. Explore ways in which it might be possible to organise a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered group at school

Sam's big plan

Posted: 30/06/2008

I’m Sam and I’m 16. I have a mum, a dad, a step dad, endless siblings and a dog called Patrick (he’s my arch-nemesis… he delights in mocking me as I exercise) and we live in Somerset (ooh ar…). I was brought up on really good music and it’s inspired me to sing myself, this year I’m hoping to enter the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK. My best friend is called Stef, she’s a rock (literally…) and I love her. When I’m a little older I want to be either a singer, a teacher, a psychologist or a hornbag.

Sam's journal

Final Update: 15/06/2009

Eyes Wide Open

Until Friday night, there were a few assumptions that I had, that have changed quite considerably. Now, let's get one thing straight from the outset - I'm the most anti-drugs person I know. If I knew that one of my close friends was using illegal substances and harming themselves in doing so, I'd be so so upset. I've seen personally in my family what drugs can do to people, people very close to me have had their lives changed quite shockingly through drug-use and so for me, any kind of drug, anything further than alcohol, is something I'd avoid like the plague.

On Friday night I went to my friend Violet's Birthday Party (It had a 'divine' theme, and so I went as the Dalai Lama) and I had a really really great time. I didn't know all that many of the people there, and it was actually really lovely to make some new friends and branch out a little - I think it's healthy. The one thing I thought I would have an issue with was the fact that some of the people there were smoking dope and using a strange ornate pipe which I can't for the life of me remember the name of. It's a big hurdle when you disagree with something quite so strongly.

What I found though, was that actually it wasn't all quite the hideous thing I'd made out. The people there that were using dope were actually no different to those who were drinking. What I think I was most surprised with was the fact that people were so respectful of my thoughts and feelings, moreso than people have been for quite some time. A number of times I was offered a smoke, and I said no, and it was fine, and they respected my decision.

What does annoy me, is that I know far too many people who just do these things because of the mystique surrounding them. There are some people in my year who only smoke because it's 'cool', in some cases it's the same with sex - and I think it's those people that make things difficult (I would point out here, that there's nothing cool about being dubbed a druggie, or a slag for that matter..). The majority of the people at the party who were smoking were doing so simply because they enjoyed it themselves, and they enjoyed how it made them feel, and whilst I wouldn't do it myself - I respect that. They weren't doing it to be seen, they weren't doing it to up their cool points, it was just a choice, as much as me not partaking was also a choice.

Now, let's not get me wrong. I think that Cannabis should be a controlled substance, in all forms whether it's strong or whether it's not. The effects of it are still being researched, but it's psychological implications are still being felt and suffered. However, smoking tabacco kills thousands of people a year, yet the government allows that to be sold, and takes a nice cut. Maybe things would be much simpler if Cannabis was legalised for people over 18 also. The issue is, right now Cannabis is a gateway drug. Someone who deals Cannabis is likely also to know someone who deals something much more serious, and much more damaging. In this sense, it can lead to other things, and therefore cause serious harm. This would all be bypassed if it was legalised and controlled by the powers that be.

I don't know, I don't think I'm decided on the topic completely... What I do know is that the people I met on Friday night were respectful, calm, and lovely and they don't deserve the stigma attached to them so often. My eyes to an extent, have been opened. For me it's a no, and always will be, and I have my reasons, for them it's a yes, and so long as they know what they're doing, and they're happy and respectful of the people around them, then I respect them too.

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Still want more?

Want more information on music and song-writing? Interested in gay rights or looking for classroom resources? Check out the websites below for specialist information and music and P.S.H.E teaching ideas:

LGBT Consortium

LGBT Youth Scotland

Eurovision Song Contest

Citizenship Foundation

Institute for Citizenship

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Your messages

Check out Sam's eclectic feedback:

Picture of Sam PhrippHey Guys,
I just realised that all these comments have been left, and so long ago now! And thought I'd leave a message.
Thankyou, so much for all the support that has been given to me over the past year or so. It really does mean more to me than you can imagine to have such wonderful, creative and loving people following and supporting my journey - musical and otherwise.
Since the end of the project things have moved along nicely. I was blessed with the opportunity to open for Nerina Pallot, one of my favourite singer songwriters just a few months ago, and I'm collaborating with an Irish singer for an entry into the Irish Eurovision Preselection this year, so - watch this space.
I'd like to also say that ultimately I realise that many of the things I looked to achieve in a year didn't come to fruition, and it's a shame that they didn't. I'm not worried about that.
Recently, a man was killed in Trafalgar Square after he was seen walking hand in hand with his partner. This event has shown me that actually, bitchy comments, or missed deadlins pale into insignificance in comparison. As people, the LGBT community have a long way to go, the fight for equality and even something as basic as safety is still being fought. That's what matters.
If you'd like to get in touch with me about anything at all you can always contact me at
Sam Phripp

'We are not our sorrows, we are not our Scars, we are only Human, this is what we are.'

Sam Phripp (1818 days ago) Report Comment

After watching you on Year Dot, I wanted to contact you about your Eurovision ambition. My first question would be; are you interested in representing the UK, or competing in the Eurovision? There are other ways you can do it IF YOU ARE WILLING TO SING FOR ANOTHER COUNTRY! The deadline I think has passed for Oslo 2010, but if you are interested in competing in 2011, you can start the ball rolling by contacting EBU (European Broadcasting Union) member broadcasters, and in particular, I was thinking of SVT [Swedish TV]. If you collaborate with a writer/composer from another country, you could together pen a song that could be entered into a national final in say Sweden or other competing country. That is only if you are willing to represent a country other than the UK. Just a thought! But of course, good luck with it all.

Tariq Khader (1869 days ago) Report Comment

give it up!

jamie (1871 days ago) Report Comment

STUFF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY!!! if you think u have what it takes dont stop!! DONT GIVE UP! i did... and i got no where in life and i regret it!

nicola (1881 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam,
Have been following you on year dot. Your determination is admirable but i dont think your voice is good enough to succeed in the pop business which is so harsh today.Your stage presence is also not confident enough to hold an audience captive, its uncomfortable to watch. The songs you write however are really good so perhaps you should focus more on writing and not performing. Every credit to you for trying you hardest, and i hope you are not too disappointed with whatever the outcome may be. Best of luck mate.

kat (1883 days ago) Report Comment

i think your average theres a million of people that sound just like you why do you think your so special?

billie pritchard (1885 days ago) Report Comment

I personally think you have an amazing voice, just keep singing Sam, you're doing great. Hope you achieve you're goal. I'll be looking out for you on Eurovision. nx

Stephanie (1885 days ago) Report Comment

Sorry sam but i just caught you on TV on your year dot... you seemed to think that you do everything you can to sing and for euro vision, but you cant actualy be thinking about this because dont you think you would have realised the simplist thing,, age.. i think most people on here are right... you need to be more confident on that stage.. let yourself free

MonkeyBoy (1885 days ago) Report Comment

Don't give up your dream Sam, beleive in yourself and one day you will prove them all wrong. Stay focused and keep up the good work. I wish you lots of success for the future.

Kate (1885 days ago) Report Comment

Hi there just listened to some of your songs you sound lovely a little bit like james morrison to me which is a big compliment im an ex singer and redcoat from butlins and i only came across the programme recently,keep it up fella really good and i hope you inspire other people in the long run well done!!

mark dibble (1888 days ago) Report Comment

Hi, I wish I could provide more practical help to you like a multi-million pound recording contract,but in the abscence of that I'll just say, as a humble music-listening member of the public that I think you have a very mature and sophisticated sound, maybe too sophisticated for Eurovision but whatever your innate integrity will carry you far. Good luck!

Nick (1889 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Sam!

Wow ... your song is absolutely fantastic and you have an incredible voice. Ireland would be extremely lucky to have you as their Eurovision representitive. Is there any chance you could email me the song or just contact me at all ? Here's my email address Thanks


Mikey Poole (1889 days ago) Report Comment

Heya Sam,
I was watching year dot and found you were having quite a bit of negative feedback. From what I've read it's not too bad :). Just thought I'd say that I congratulate your determination to follow your dream. I've always believe that no matter how big or small a dream is, as long as your determined to get there and act towards it, you will get there eventually. I believe you have an amazing voice and could really go somewhere with it, and think you will because you show the determination to get to the top!
Good luck with everything your doing and don't let anyone tell you different.
All the best for your future!

Tara (1892 days ago) Report Comment

I think you should change your talent to a more niche market, have you ever thought of the Drag Circuit? Wish you all the luck babes! xo

Sarah Beeney (1894 days ago) Report Comment

caught you on year dot, and was inspired by your attitude and story.Wanted to wish you all the luck in the world, you can do anything if you want it enough and never give up !!All the very best for a fantastic future !

Sophie Newman (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Hiya Sam,
Just watched yeardot. Enjoyed hearing your voice alot, found it quite haunting(not in a bad way)even though the programme didnt feature much of you singing. Would love to chat more to you. Gimme a holla on

Drew (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam, I just watched year dot for the very first time today, and thought you was amazing.I'm a business manager grduate who loves to market small business in diffrent sectors of organisation and i would love to market and PR you. I feel you have got an amazing and strong voice and you could go far. If you want to discuss things further please give me a call. You have got so much potental with that amazing voice.

David (1895 days ago) Report Comment

ahaa! safe Sam just saw you on year dot, hope things going well, give me a shout if I can help you with anything bro, recording producing etc..See if we can't get Frome on the map lol! peace

GK PRODUCTIONS (1895 days ago) Report Comment

If you are trying to market your voice, and you as the salesperson, can be quite clearly saying that you hate listening to your voice, do you think we as the customers are going to "buy" into what you are trying to "sell" us? Learn to love your voice, before you ask us to!

Z (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Hi sam i heard u this morning and i think u have an amazing voice and that u shouldnt give up! i myself am a singer and performer so feel free to contact me if u want to! Good luck

Daniela (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Past experience shows that the type of song's you have showcased on yeardo today, DO NOT do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. Imo you should completely change your tact and write a more upbeat and lively song!

James (1895 days ago) Report Comment

hiya x im watching year dot at the mo and i thought your song was quite good
:P x

samm x (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Heyaa Sam, I Just Wanted To Ryt Too Youu Because I Think Your Dreams Are Amazing , The Way Youu Strivee So Far To Do What Youu Want To Do! Good Luck In What Youu Do ,, I Look Forward Too Seeingg Youu On The Eurovisson Contest ,, Yaw An Amazingg Singer! And Youu Have A Buzzingg Personallity ,, Ill Follow Youu All The Wayy Too The Top ! I Hopee Youu Do Really Well.... Lots Of Loveee .. Laurie Emma x

Laurie Emma Abbott (1895 days ago) Report Comment

hi saw year dot this moring and thort u were rele good :)

nicole (1900 days ago) Report Comment

I think you have an amazing voice Sam (: x

Dominique (1900 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of AkilahRead my goodbye blog...i mentioned you babe! lol.


Akilah (1959 days ago) Report Comment

You were AMAZING!! =] Me and Jaime LOVED it! =] Was sooo worth going, wouldnt of missed it for the world hun!!=]
Thankies so much for the CD! Am listening to it already! hehe Your incredible!
Will have to meet up soonio 4 defo!.. when we're all less busy!! =/ ...If that ever happens lol
Talk soon, and well done =] Keep it up!!
Love you lotsch like jelly tots! ⥠xxxxx

Jenny =] (2013 days ago) Report Comment

Hi there matty I really think u should nt try and let anyones comments effect u! u seem like a really nice person who is loved v much. Since ariving at uni I have met one of my best mates and he is gay he has talked to me alot abot the issues he has faced frm others he has a low self esteem bt he is so lovely and also very good looking. I really have found a true friend and he is such a real person and others who dont want 2 get to knw him a very shallow and r deffinatly missing out. hes funny trustworthy and fabulous. It really touched me when u spoke of the way u had been treated, i think it is very common for gay people get criticalisim as peoples views are very small minded this is why i laugh and pitty such people! really glad to hear ur making a difference .saw year dot 4 the 1st time the other day n think its brill. Im also studying music n i am also a vocalist studying a combined degree music n dance . wud be great to hear bk frm u p.s my friend i was talking abot is a v talented pianist i make have a look at ur site! xxxx (2087 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam!
Very sorry that you won't be able to compete in this year's eurovision! Next year will be the year for you ;-]
also i just wanted to say that i totally agree, that you should put vocal training on hold because who is to say what is a good voice and what isn't... art is art!!!

Cymone (2088 days ago) Report Comment

Thanks for ur reply!
Good luck for the future.
Just one little point- its easy to ruin any hint of a good voice, especially the type of singing u do.
Anyway, take care

Rachael (2090 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Nicolette EsterHi Sam,
Just wanted to say..i missed your programme today because i was in a lesson, but i can't wait to go home and watch it on sunday :)
I think you have amazing talent and a fantastic voice! ..So go for your dreams and reach for the stars! I love your music ..and i'm a bit fan :) so keep it up!
Lots of Love x

Nicolette Ester (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Adam:
Why thankyou, kind sir! I'm sure youre just wonderful yourself. =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Robert:
I have a proper job. I work at Sainsbury's, though if you have a love of stacking fruit you're quite welcome to it =P

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Steve:
I wasn't at all slagging off Andrew Lloyd Webber. That's silly. I was simply giving an opinion on his song, that isn't offensive to him, it was just criticism. =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Abi:
Thanks so much Abi! Its lovely to know I have your support =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippsFor Holly Brooke:
Thanks Holly =] I'd doubt whether I'm an inspiration, but its wonderfully sweet for you to say so =]

Sam Phripps (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Skybluesy:
Thanks for your comment. I enjoy writng songs a lot, but I do love singing and so don't intend to give up either any time soon =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Kate:
Hey Kate! Thanks so much for your comment, you really have a way with words.You made my day =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Scott Mattock:
Thanks for leaving me a message. Your opinion is valued, though I won't be giving up just yet!

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Aston:
Thanks mate! Singing isn't my only goal. I'd happily be a teacher, or a counsellor or a whole host of things. Only time will tell I suppose =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Syed:
Hey Syed. Thanks for taking the time to leave me some criticism. Next time, make it constructive and I might listen to you =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Jonathon:
I haven't been gigging much lately actually. Have been focussing on writing my EP. Luckily, though thats now finished and so am accepting new dates. All booking to

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Nigel:
Thanks Nigel. You too mate =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Graham:
Maybe one day I will just write songs, but right now I really enjoy singing them and getting my message across, so haven't yet made plans to change that.

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Simon Spiers:
Thanks so much for your comment, one day I will get vocal coaching, just for you =]
Haha. Great name, btw.

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Matt:
Hey Matt! Thanks so much for being so tireless in your arguments, it shows you have good strength as a person =] I agree that I could do with vocal coaching, however I don't personally think it's right for me at this time.

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Rosie:
Hey Rosie, thankyou so so much for taking your time to leave me a comment. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner! I'm glad you like the music I'm putting out, and I hope you'll continue to follow and enjoy my yeardot =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor John:
Hey! Thanks for your tireless comments here, it's lovely to know people are getting passionate about what I'm doing! I'll just say here, I'm under no delusions about how tough it is, and I'm under no delusions about how talented I am, so we can both stop worrying =] I hope regardless of how good I am you find time to listen to and enjoy my music.
Sam x

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Hollie:
Hey! Just like Harri, thanks so much to you guys for supporting me and defending me earlier on, it was so sweet for me to come back and read your comments! I'll say it here officially, Sam Phripp is not giving up singing, childline need not worry =] The way I see it, if people don't like what I do, that's their bad feeling not mine =]
Thanks again, and add me on myspace, we'll chat =]
Sam x

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Pete:
Hows about, you try
Love you!

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Cathie:
Hey Cathie! It's lovely of you to say that. Sometimes I'm the most immature person I know. I guess though, I've never been one for wasting my time, so why not get on with things while Im still sprightly. =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Chels:
Hey! Thankyou so so much for not only watching the show, but also for coming and leaving a comment. I'm the fist to admit that I'm no Whitney (if it means being married to Bobby Brown, she's welcome to it!) what I do think is that I have my own sound, I enjoy what I do, and if you do too, then I'm a happy chap.
Thanks =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Rachael:
Hey! Obviously I completely respect your opinion as someone who is finding success in the biz! I've never said that I'll never have coaching, I will one day, but right now I'm having so much fun just seeing what I can do with my voice that I don't see the need just yet.
Thanks for your advice, I will be following it soon

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Harri:
Hey! First of all, thankyou so much for running to my defence when I wasn't here, it was terribly sweet of you. I'm glad you liked the show and I hope you'll like the newer music included in the EP releasing soon.
Thanks again though, add me on myspace, we'll chat =]
Sam xx

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Hayley Bettam:
Hey Hayley. Thanks so much for such a sweet message. If I'm honest, it's lovely people like you who take the time out of their day to come here and show their support that really spurs me on. As for me being inspirational, thats so lovely, all I do is go about my life the way I think best, if that helps people, then that means more that you could ever know.
Thanks again, Sam x

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Vinny:
Thanks so much for watching and taking the time to leave me a message here. I understand that I could possibly do with training. That's fair. Maybe one day I will, but right now I'm finding out new and exciting things about my voice all the time, so the time isn't right just now.
Thanks =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Akilah:
Thankyou lovie, you're a wonderful person too =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippFor Jane :
Thanks so much for your comment. I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most talented person in all the world. All I do is my best, and that makes me happy. =]
Thanks for watching.

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I'm not going to tell you to give up singing because your voice is okay and so is your songwriting, but I think your Eurovision dream just isn't going to happen. Even if it does, the UK always come near last anyway so its useless.

Your comments about not getting vocal training were also a bit confusing, your voice isn't that good and you would definitely benefit from having training. Also, I'm not sure if you do this already but your songwriting would improve if you incorporated more instruments and elements to the song than just keyboard and vocals. Your songs would benefit if they were fleshed out more with percussion, bass, guitars, even strings and so forth. Basically at the moment it is a bit one dimensional.

Good luck

Tom (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Sam PhrippHey Guys!
Thanks so much for your comments, I'm going to be replying to every person who commented just here, but give me a sec, just got in from College =]

Sam Phripp (2096 days ago) Report Comment

hey sam ive watch u a few times on yeardot and i think u aor a really nice person but honestly dont think you hav the voice to sing

jane (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I just wanted to say your an amazing person...xxxx

Akilah (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I watched Yeardot today with on there, u can sing well but with the amount of talent i seen on programs like X-Factor u just aint got what it takes to do euro vision at the minute but with ur determation i have no doubt that as u get older and training u will be the face of the UK

vinny (2096 days ago) Report Comment

sam i think your an ispiration to many young people. ignore anyone who is negative hun because your following your dreams and have incredible ambition. i hope all your dreams and aspirations come true!! xx

hayley bettam (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Been readin all these comments and Sqam I got 1 thing to say 2 u hun.... DO WOT U WANA DO AN DONT STRESS ON WOT HATERS SAY!!!! U got talent mate dont let people tell u otherwise!! To all of u sayin he aint good, thats ur opinion and ur respected for them. Go on Sam u can do it hun, live the dream!! Bless xx

Harri (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Saw you on TV for first time today. Think you have a good voice considering your age and experience, but your comments about vocal coaching are misguided and limiting your future. I am a professional singer who is still training. The voice needs training, correct and safe technique to allow for a voice that will last and be sucessful. This will also help your performance abilities.
You really need to have lessons if you want to make a career out of your voice. Please listen to my advice, dont waste your potential

Rachael (2096 days ago) Report Comment

heloo .. i earlier saw on channel 4 , i have great respect for you and your matture manner towards chading your dream (: .. i think you voice is okay .. lets be honest your not no whitney houston .. but eurovision thrives for a bit of good old cheesyness lol , i think your a funny guy and have a good stage presence about you ! .. why dont you try comedy ? .. i know you said you wanted to try different things :) .. anywayyy good luck !

Chels (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi i just saw you on the Telly and i can't believe you're only 16! You came across as so mature and headstrong just keep doing what you're doing and believing in yourself, i wish you the best of luck!

Cathie (2096 days ago) Report Comment


Pete (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi guys, Sam's in class just now but he'll be picking up your comments later on today so look out for what he has to say later...
Thanks, Year Dot

YEAR DOT (2096 days ago) Report Comment

look this is annoying me hes not going to give up cos u say so sam can u please post a comment saying your not giving up singing just because they think you should they think there right tell them sam, there going to leave this page thinking your taking in what they say

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

that is not saying he is no good, but itts asking the question is he good enough to make it as a singer? Im never gonna be a ballerina but hell life goes on. Hes 16 and will probably change his mind fifty times before he settles in something and even then theres no guarantees. get a reality check and stop thinking life is like a candy filled balloon. Its a harsh world and some people need a bit of encouragement in the right direction.

john (2096 days ago) Report Comment

that is not saying he is no good, but itts asking the question is he good enough to make it as a singer? Im never gonna be a ballerina but hell life goes on. Hes 16 and will probably change his mind fifty times before he settles in something and even then theres no guarantees. get a reality check and stop thinking life is like a candy filled balloon. Its a harsh world and some people need a bit of encouragement in the right direction.

john (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Sam.
I saw you on Year Dot today!
I think you are an amazing singer!
You really are good! dont let anyones negative comments get you down! keep up the good work and I look foward to hearing how you get on in the future!!

Rosie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

no one said it was a negative point, but your basically trying to say he is not good. telling him to do songwriting and not sing. his passion is singing hes not going to listen to you.
if you just watched year dot. what was bout 30mins ago. when people say hes not good it just makes him more determined so stop being jealous because him and his dreams are not going no were!
AND BY THE WAY IM NOT A LESBIAN see there you lot go again thinking your right

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Agreed John, Feedback. Not a parade for young gays and lesbians to have a go at others points.

Matt (2096 days ago) Report Comment

harsh i think! people arent hating theyre giving feedback. At the end of the day its these people that make or brake somebody.. If i was chasing something that wasn't going to happen i would want people to tell me instead of having a big fall later on. Sams got talent with the song writing and like i said his songs could be really good with different voices. Anyhow good luck sam.

john (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Yea come on Sam me n Holli got ur back babe, Im a lesbian myself and I totally understand where ur coming from, some people r jus way 2 old fashioned, HELLO 2009 now!! Get with the programme, what is the world coming to if u cannot accept that maybe some people r differenct and dont wana b the same as the rest! Ur a star Sam, F@*k the lot of em!! x

Harri (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I suggested lessons as a tip not as a negative point. I had lessons for 3 months max and my voice grew and expanded and now i can sing with more confidence and conviction. It's not something for people who can't sing it's for people who need to find thier voice with the help of a professional. If Sam tries it maybe twice a week for a month i'm sure he will notice the benefits.

Matt (2096 days ago) Report Comment

exactly harri. there all fools who probaly hang around the streets every mintue of everday do something with your lifes
sam i think your great. are you okay? comment back?

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I think u all need 2 chill man, he got a dream, i bet some of u dont, y dont u all stop hatin he just wants to have fun and b himself! If u dont anything good or supportive 2 say then dont say anythin at all.

Harri (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Fair enough

Matt (2096 days ago) Report Comment

yeah he will when he wants to

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I'm sure you could at least try it, if he doesn't like it then fair enogh, at least try it, whats the worst that could happen?

Matt (2096 days ago) Report Comment

All the best pal.

Nigel A (2096 days ago) Report Comment


When do you want him to take lessons.....when hes 50.

Come on. Be serious

Peter (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Just write songs, you have more chance of the European Cup than the Eurovision. Trust me, Just write songs for other artists.

Graham (2096 days ago) Report Comment

matt he doesnt want to take them singing lessons yet. a artist knows what he has to and when can't believe all these people trying to say he shouldnt sing i don't see him cracking any mirrors do you?
matt you must of needed singing lessons more than he did. its best to work with what you've got till your ready to make a change

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

SO you dont want to take singing lessons.

You didnt explain why thou?

Im confused!

Simon Spiers (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I was just wondering why you don't want to take singing lessons. They helped me to find my own voice, if you think it's gonna change you're style of singing then you are wrong. Take lessons!

Matt (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I am a singer myself and have just finished a music degree. My best suggestion for you would be to concentrate on the song writing, the songs arent too bad but in order to show them off to their potential i think you would be better to get a trained versatile singer in to perform for you. Try recording a few different voices to get a broader range of how your songs could sound. Remember different voices bring different sounds. The money is in the songwriting mate.Lloyd Webber doesnt get on the stage himself he finds the best person for each individual song that he writes.

john (2096 days ago) Report Comment

You write good songs, I agree you should concentrate on that.

Skybluesy (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Sam can i say that your performance i think lacked depth but this is not to say it was not good with practice you will go far i made a system for car parking that people said could not be done today it is done with the belief that i could do it, i did it and so can you!! believe in yourself and you can do anything good luck

John (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Sam.The uncertainties of the present always give way to the enchanted possibilities of the future. You are destined for greatness enjoy your journey and remember to have fun. Never give up on your dreams because life has a funny way of rewarding the hard working. Best Wishes. x

Kate (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I think you havent got a voice good enough to make it, maybe concentrate on song writing. You have to be polished to get anywhere near Eurovision. I just think you need to concentrate on what your good at. All the best

Scott Mattock, Coventry (2096 days ago) Report Comment

I think it's admirable that u r following ur dream, but there r hundreds of people that have similar ideals that want the same thing as u, and the likelyhood is ur dream will end up as a hobby... u need to think of a back-up plan to ensure u don't waste ur determination on something that may never happen...
Good Luck

Aston (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam, I watched you perform at the charity gig on TV this morning and I thought u were brill. U have come on so much since the begining of the show, Im so proud of u as I have watched u all the way through. Sorry to hear tha U have to be 17 to take part in Eurovision but put it this way when u audition next year they aint gona kno whats hit them! Keep up the good songs, never give up and I really hope u get the dream u deserve!!!!! xx

Harri (2096 days ago) Report Comment

you have a good voice. what could do with some work but couldnt everyones
yeah vocal coaching is a option but when your ready
these people commenting trying to tell you you wont get anywere course you will your great.
do everything at your own pace!

hollie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Sam, U cant sing u dont have any carrisma and if u represent us at euro it will be nill points, so stop dreaming and get a job in burger king

syed (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi, today was the first time that I have heard you and I thought you were good! Has there been many recent gigs?

Jonathan (2096 days ago) Report Comment

doesnt matter i have found it, i think that you are very confident in wat you do and you have a good voice however, i feel vocal coaching would help a great deal but on the whole very good voice, and great inspiration, in all fairness ignore the unconstructive critism, and you got a dream so chase it !!!!!

joshlec (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam

I think your georgeous, keep singing and keep positive and you will get there in the end.

Adam (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi there Sam, just been watching you on Channel 4 and even though you didnt make it through to the Euro this year, you always have to keep trying. Your sense of determination is ace and I admire your ambition. If its voice coaching people think you need then go for it, because it will learn you new things to improve your voice and will give you new ideas, you have the base there it just needs to grow a bit more and I think you can make a success of yourself. Well done so far and I will continue to support and watch your efforts grow. xxx

Alex (2096 days ago) Report Comment

i think mate you need to wake up you cant sing go and get a proper job

Robert (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Confidence is one thing but slagging off the composition of britains biggers song writers is one reason you will never make it get a grip

steve (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Sam, I think you have a lovely voice. Even the most famous people have vocal training and other add ons to make them sound good. Fame isnt a steady job so look into having a back up, but DO NOT give up singing because you are really good. Hope your ok luv Sophie x

sophie (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hi sam I think you are great just think you need more confidence, you know you can sing so just go for it. hope you don't mind my feedback. good luck with everything.

amy, 21 (2096 days ago) Report Comment

how do u see him singing i wanna c if he is anygood

josh (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Sam, I saw you on the show this morning and just wanted to say well done. With young people being constantly criticised for being lazy or troublemakers, you are doing something that you really enjoy and you are working extremely hard to get somewhere. I really hope that you continue with your dream to sing at Eurovision next year (2010) because you do have the talent for it, both singing and writing and I know lots of people who would vote for you. All the best for the future and keep smiling. Abi x

Abi (2096 days ago) Report Comment

Your such an inspiration my dreams are to become a song writer and its just amazing to see you putting yourself out their and getting yourself heard. Well done keep up the good work and dont let others put you down :)

Holly Brooke (2096 days ago) Report Comment

hey sam, im loving the show on channel 4.your voice is wicked! and u n the other dotters have inspirited me to follow my dreams as a writer, if you guys can do then all the teenagers in the world can :D keep up the gr8 work and gd singing. all the best jay x

jayleeann (2109 days ago) Report Comment

Hey sam, I whatched this mornings episode, and I've gotta say, your I'm liking your voice, and I agree with you on the gay issue,one of my friends is terrified about coming out. Xx luv your singin. megz

Megan (2109 days ago) Report Comment

i no ur intreated in singing however i strongly advise you to give up.your just going to be dissapointed because you arent that good.. sorry

jenna (2112 days ago) Report Comment

Sam , I watched this mornings program and your determination is great . However, I think vocal coaching is vital if you want to get anywhere near representing us at eurovision . That's my advice. Louis

Lou (2113 days ago) Report Comment

I saw you on Ch4 - I am sorry to say it but you simply have no future as a singer - But as a writer you have a bright future ahead of you

Andrew (2113 days ago) Report Comment

Hey there Sam,

Its fantastic the energy that you have to write and enter Eurovision. My bit of advice to you that I will give you being part of the industry is to look at all the past winners and the kinds of songs that won. They have one common element; they all have a fast pace and "euro-pop" feel to them. When writing think very upbeat and europop style. To enter is good but Sam, you will also need to win - everyone will be behind you, just think really out there when writing your songs - the majority of the audience is pure european - so in this case Europop works, follow the Dana International style of song route.

Good luck and remember give it your all - any help just ask.


Roy Perestrelo (2113 days ago) Report Comment

hi sam, i've just watched your programme on channel 4 and admire you for how determined you are to do what you want to with your life. Your 'get up and go' nature comes across really well. Stick at it. xx

sarah (2113 days ago) Report Comment

waaay you live in frome!! gd old fromies, keep up the good work, you have a good voice x

Sammy (2113 days ago) Report Comment

I am a singer song writer from portsmouth and would like to have the chance to write a song for the eurovision song contest hope to here from you soon sam

sam (2113 days ago) Report Comment

I dont really listen to your kind of music but you are brilliant for what it is, Im a singer songwriter aswell and i think you should try having acoustic guitar, It would definatly compliment your voice.
good luck!!

Rachel (2113 days ago) Report Comment

good look with everythin you do in 2009 x

Janey (2113 days ago) Report Comment

Hey i dont know you but i saw you on tele! i admire you for sticking to what you are good at and i wish you all the best for 2009 xx

Ceri (2117 days ago) Report Comment

your cool..keep it up!

cassie (2117 days ago) Report Comment

Thumbs up! your a brilliant singer.i think you were very brave telling people you were gay at such a young age, it just shows how much you belive in yourself, and your helping other people get the confidence they need to come out. A total hero . x

Rachel (2118 days ago) Report Comment

Hello! I saw you on the tv today so I logged on and came to find you! I think what you're doing is really great, my best friend, Nick, is gay and he suffered loads in our highschool. It was terrible! We're in college now and he's accepted by a lot more people, he's much happier! I'm glad that there are people like you trying to make a difference, it's what the world needs! Keep up the good work! Hope you're well, bye! =] x

Holly =] (2118 days ago) Report Comment

Allright mate, do you have Bebo?

Nathan (2118 days ago) Report Comment

I admire you for coming out at such a young age. I still don't have that confidence. Big hugs x

Alex (2118 days ago) Report Comment

forget to say i now live in a community much like yours and find the attitude is extremly different, there is a big gay community, the reason for this is that every school has a homophobic partner is a teacher and in areas that widely have this talk the attitude towards gay individuals are extremly different. areas where schools dont approach this subject end up with gay areas, clubs where gay people can be them selves with out the problems that are present in "straight clubs". In communitys where this talk is active there isn't seperate clubs, although this may seem bad it isn't, it makes it possible to go out "straight clubbing, and regardles of the few small minded people, which you will never avoid, you can go out and have a very good night out, all because our children of today are made aware of the gay community. Dont forget that gay people are still killed in 12 countries in the world so our progress in this country, may seem faulted aint all that bad! xx

Ruthie (2118 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Sam. I just wanted to say don't give up on your dream i'm also a singer and am fighting for the westend dream. People think hey just aanother singer but its not the case. More people notice you at event's i choose and wrote somesongs and asked pizza express if i could preform. More and more people get to know you! i really hope you get your dream because if you have a voice (and you so do) get it out. I sing with my bi partner we do musicals and songs and people love it. Get out there as much as you can. theres a link to a video of my attempted crap webcam quality video hehe. add me if you have facebook. Keep up the good work honey .. you will achieve your dream! get back to me if you can on facebook or w.e. lol xx

Jessica (2118 days ago) Report Comment

Im a gay 22 year old and i spent most my life in london and struggled greatly with my sexuality, didnt come out untill i was 19 so people like yourself who come out at a young age especially in commiunity like yours i admire greatly. keep up the good work and never forget your dream.

Ruthie (2118 days ago) Report Comment

dude, you rock! all people deserve the same treatment. once the world learns that everybody is different, and that is a good thing then everything will be great. im a bisexual goth and in my school we are threated like animals, but then who cares what they think? i have great friends and if they wanna fight then they can start one with someone else. keep up the good work man!

james tubb (2118 days ago) Report Comment

Hey mr, I went to FCC. and went through the same problems you seem to have at the Mo. Good to see your rasing the issues and not afraid to be your self...


christopher hobley (2118 days ago) Report Comment

dude, you rock! all people deserve the same treatment. once the world learns that everybody is different, and that is a good thing then everything will be great. im a bisexual goth and in my school we are threated like animals, but then who cares what they think? i have great friends and if they wanna fight then they can start one with someone else. keep up the good work man!

james tubb (2118 days ago) Report Comment

hi sam im gay to and i get bullyed

kieran gaffney (2118 days ago) Report Comment