Ballet beauty, Jade Heusen, was followed over her Year Dot as she made the dramatic jump from pupil to professional...

Jade's Story

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Jade Heusen

Reflection and revelry


Jade's celebrating her birthday with a well deserved break at home in Devon. Joining in the merriment is her first ballet teacher and mentor, Janette Cload...

Jade's to do list

  1. To achieve a contract with a classical ballet company
  2. Continue to learn more about the profession and prepare myself to enter it.
  3. Have opportunities to perform and work with the BRB (Birmingham Royal Ballet)
  4. To become not only a representative for ballet, but to be an inspiration to young people.
  5. To learn more about how to cope in a living situation and become an independent adult.
  6. To have a good role in the school production.
  7. To learn to put myself first more. Be healthily selfish.

Jade's big plan

Posted: 30/06/2008

Hi there! My name is Jade and I’m from Sidmouth in Devon. I am an only child which has been a godsend for me as from the tender age of eleven I have lived away from home, training to become a ballerina, which demands huge parental support and time. Now at eighteen, I am stepping into the final year of my training (at Elmhurst School for Dance) which will ultimately decide the start of my dancing career as I will, hopefully, achieve a contract with a professional ballet company. I consider myself a very lucky girl as I have what I think is such a wonderful life. I have special parents, amazing friends and so many people who love and care for me and want me to do so well which I am eternally grateful for. I am also pursuing a life of everyday doing what I love, ballet, and am granted some incredible opportunities. I want people to realise, though, that my achievements haven’t just been handed to me on a plate; I have worked extremely hard for them and despite the overall beauty and splendor of it all, it is a rocky road that is full of emotional highs and lows and deals with pressures and stresses that even some adults wouldn’t have experienced.

Throughout the course of the year I aim to become a more established, individual dancer, ready to step into the ‘real’ world of ballet and discover what it is that differentiates a dancer in school/training and a professional dancer. These are the questions I hope to answer by having more experience of working with a company (like Birmingham Royal Ballet) or when I take auditions.

I like to think I am approachable and that people feel I can relate and understand to them. I have been head girl at both the Royal Ballet School (where I spent the first 5 years of my training) and Elmhurst School for Dance so hopefully this can prove or support this in some way. I invite people to discuss their issues with me as I enjoy listening and find it very rewarding helping people. My aim during this project is to openly discuss my honest thoughts with other people and perhaps have the opportunity to take advice as well as give it. If I can act as an inspiration or influential being for others of my generation then that would be a huge life achievement for me I hope that I can act as one of many figure-heads who represent youth of today in the positive way that we all so wish to be perceived.

Jade's journal

Final Update: 16/12/2009

Dream job

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you for following my Year Dot year. Its been an amazing experience and I'm so glad I got to share it with you all. Graduating Elmhurst with my dream job at BRB has been the most wonderful thing to have ever happened!!! I am loving every second of my new job.

Thanks again guys and look out for us when we're touring!

Lots of love,

Jade xxx

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Your messages

Jade's support has been incredible:

Hey just watched the show today and saw you were hoping to get into BRB...congrats for being accepted. I know a girl who is has been a dancer at BRB for a year or so now. You are a lovly dancer and i wish you well in your future dance career.:)

Dannsair (1894 days ago) Report Comment

its brilliant that all you young people are doing such great things on your life. I always wished i had done more as i was growing up as i'm sure many people do and its so refreshing seeing that you are all doing just that. i am watching the program on tv now and its very inspiring. great job.

Holly (1905 days ago) Report Comment

stunningly amazing xxx

kye fox (1905 days ago) Report Comment

Jade, I happened to stumble across the programme talking about how you've been doing after a year, and realised I'd missed all this site and seeing how you're doing! How brilliantly your doing! I'm SO pleased for you. I hope you're well, its been so long! Much love to you and your parents, and a HUGE congrats! Eliza xxxx

Eliza (1908 days ago) Report Comment

Congratulations on your contract with the BRB - well done!! Hopefully see you perform someday if the BRB's ever in Exeter or Cardiff! .

Felicity (1961 days ago) Report Comment

Just wanted to say congratulations Jade!! Huge Achievement. Look forward to seeing you dancin with BRB in the future!

Emily (1962 days ago) Report Comment

Thanks for your message Jade. Yes the PVP classes finsihed last week and we were able to watch the classes which was lovely.We will be watching the summer show on Sunday July 5th at 2.30.If you do have time to catch up with us that would be lovely, but we understand how busy you will be so not to worry if its not possible, and we will try and catch you at the stage door next time we see BRB. We are going to see "love and loss" at the Lowry this week and the girls are doing the "dream ballet workshop" next saturday (wish I was under 11 as would live to have a go myself!) Best wishes, the Lyons

Julie Lyon (1980 days ago) Report Comment

Hello Jade, we (my two daughters, Imy and Sophia ..Elmhurst PVP's and I) have been following year dot since last summer, we are so delighted for you, you really deserve this contract and we are so looking forward to seeing you on stage at the summer showcase, and forthcoming BRB productions...your dream really has come true! Enjoy the fullness of your dance experiences, your parents and dance teacher must be so proud. You are a great inspiration to young dancers and a wonderful ambasador of ballet. We wish you all the luck in the world! Julie, Andy, Imy amd Sophia Lyon

Julie Lyon (1981 days ago) Report Comment

Well done Jade on all your achievements. You are an inspiration to all who follow in your footsteps. Thank you for your lovely comments.Good luck for the future....we are all very proud of you. Hugs & kisses from the Cload family.XX

Jan (2001 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Jade,
I'm just wondering how you got on in Yorkshire? Was it fun? Did you learn a lot?
Thanks (I'm going this summer)

P.S. You are a fabulous dancer!!

Ruth (2002 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Jade HeusenHI there!
How cool! I live in Sidmouth and my Dad works in Exeter!
Typical though; I am on the North-leg of the tour. Basically the company splits and some go South whilst the others north. Next year it is likely that I'll be going your way though!
Hope you enjoy the show and keep in touch!
Take care, Jade xxx

Jade Heusen (2024 days ago) Report Comment

Hi again! Just wondering if you're involved in the tour that's coming to Exeter Northcott theatre?? I'm planning on attending if possible as I live in Exeter so the Northcott's my local!

Felicity (2026 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Jade HeusenNot a lot of time but thank-you everybody for your ongoing support, I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to have lovely people like you all commenting and sharing your interest in ballet and my journey! So pleased to here from a Sidmouthian, its lovely to hear from somebody at SBS and if anybody is interested in seeing me perform then let me know (facebook/myspace) and I can perhaps keep you posted on any likely shows you might catch me in!!! I will gladly meet up with you to say hi if you DO end up coming to a show! Hope you all had a great Easter and are making the most of this beautiful weather!!! Take care, Jade xxx

Jade Heusen (2048 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Jade,
I just want to congratulate you in being acsepted into the Birmingham Royal Ballet company!! It is such an achievement, i bet you are so thrilled. I live in Sidmouth myself and attend Sidmouth Ballet school. Ballet is my favourite form of dance, I love it!
Well done again! Everyone in Sidmouth is thrilled for you!
Love Grace xx

Grace (2052 days ago) Report Comment

Hiya jade! I have been following you on year dot since the start and would just like to say you are a true inspiration to me! Im a dancer myself and i have just been accepted at Newcastle College to study a Musical Theatre degree so i know how hard it is! I have been begging my mum to get tickets to see you peform! All the luck in the world to you. Love Danielle xxxxxxxx

Danielle (2059 days ago) Report Comment

Hello Jade,
I have really enjoyed watching your blog! You seem to work so hard and I can see your hard work has really paid off as you are a brilliant dancer!I hope you achieve an amazing contract with a professional ballet company! I have been inspired by your videos and have learnt alot about ballet and about life at dance school. Well done and good luck for the future! Julia xx

Julia (2063 days ago) Report Comment

HI jade
It's lewis here from elmhurst. Love the blogs there great to watch and something for me to enjoy while i am doing ballet exercises.You really need to bring another one out soon i need some thing to watch again, and iam sure you have loads to tell everyone.Talk to you soon, love you loads lewis

Lewis (2085 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Jade,
Just found out this morning you were on channel 4! Wanted to say well done for all you've acheved! I wish you all the best with your auditions! I'm sure I'll hear down the wire how you get on! Tilly xXx (ENBS)

Tilly (2093 days ago) Report Comment

Hey, just started watching your blogs and wow, you are lucky! I'm 15 and up until a year ago dancing was a big part of my life. I went to elmhurst for a ballet weekend about three years ago and loved. They worked us hard and when i got home i just wanted to go back for more! unfortunately i can't take it as seriously as i would like to because i have coordination problem that means i'm always behind and find technique really difficult to grasp. from watching your videos you are a beautifully elegant dancer with a passion that will get you anywhere.Good luck, i really really hope you get your dream xxx you deserve it! xxx

Hannah (2093 days ago) Report Comment

i love to dance it is just the passion of life, im into all the street stuff and really want to come out of life with something like teach a class or actually dance it on stage, atm im only performing on fairfield halls stage at croydon but want to get bigger and wondering if yu have any advice for me to get into that and wat to do?? i also lookin 4 an agent. xx thanks vickie x

Vickie (2096 days ago) Report Comment


Just seen your latest video, and i think it would make sense to sign up with an agency. If you do go for a smaller agency as opposed to a bigger one (less than 20 clients). The smaller ones will be more inclined to get you work, because they need the work themselves. This is how it works in music, and i'm sure it's the same for dancers, a big agencies send off details to studios about all of their clients, for the big ones it doesn't matter what clients get the job, so long as it is their client. The smaller agencies, with less clients will push harder for you. They normally charge 15-20%. If they try to charge a registration fee, stay well away because it is illegal. Anyway, hope this is useful information, and good luck getting work.

Mat (2097 days ago) Report Comment

I love how channel 4 has shown the independant voices of people with ideas. I NEVER went to uni and I know help run a web design company ( and i believe i better for using my skills and not being forced into uni.

I would love to go when and if i ever feel im ready. Please contact me if we can help you in any way with any future projects.

Alan Spicer (2101 days ago) Report Comment

wow is all i can say ! .. i have so much admiration for you .. your drive and passion for ballet is amazing ! .. i saw your performance of beauty and the beast and plymouths theatre royal not long ago, which truly inspired me to fullfil the my dream in Ballet . i will also be performing at plymouth's theatre royal and soon .. and i just hope i can do as well as you all did . thanks x

Chelsea (2101 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Jade HeusenOh my goodness!!! If I had known I would have come and found you!!!
I only just picked this comment up today!!!GRRRRRR!!!
Are you around in Brum still? You didn't happen to see me around by any chance did you? Add me on Myspace/Facebook and we'll have to speak! Hope you enjoyed it, I'm sure it went well! Hope to see you here soon!
Love Jade x

Jade Heusen (2103 days ago) Report Comment

Hi again Jade,

Today I auditioned for Elmhurst and WOW. The place is amazing it is like a dance utopia, it is a wonderful place with a friendly warm atmosphere. You will never guess what, I saw you there. You were talking to a girl next to me when we were waiting to go in for the audition. I wish I dared talk to you. You are very lucky to go to such a brilliant school but I do appreciate that you have worked very hard to get where you are! Hopefully speak soon.

Harriet XxX

Harriet Norman (2103 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Jade,

I have really enjoyed watching your videos so far. You are a lovely person with a great attitude towards life and dance! You have given me real inspiration to go for my dreams, as you have gone for yours. You are beautiful dancer and dance with passion. I really hope you get where you want to be just believe in yourself. I also love ballet and would love to be a ballerina. Tommorrow I am auditioning for Elmhurst upper school, as you have done the audition and got through do you have any advice for me! I understand you are really busy and don't expect you to be able to get back to me but it would be wonderful to hear back from you! Happy dancing and Good Luck.

Harriet XxX

Harriet (2104 days ago) Report Comment

hey Jade, just wanted to say best of luck with everything. I too am hoping for a great dance career ahead of me (although in contemporary as opposed to ballet) i really enjoyed watching your videos and relating to the audition process e.t.c. your a beautiful dancer, you'll go far :) good luck :) x

Sarah Probert (2105 days ago) Report Comment

hey, good luck!
i am 15 and train at northern ballet theatre 5 times a week, 3 hours week days and 5 hours every saturday. i am also a royal ballet associate. could you give me some tips.advice to get in to a school at 16? i really want to go to the royal ballet upper school at covent gardens xx

n/a (2105 days ago) Report Comment

Wow, you are an amazing dancer :) Your photoshoot looked soo good! I wish I could dance like you one day.
Good luck with everything.

P.S Where is the leotard from that you did your photoshoot in - its gorgeous.

Kate (2106 days ago) Report Comment

Jade your famous! haha, hope everythings going well and good luckkkk :) love, Lisha(Chin)X

Lisha (2106 days ago) Report Comment

you're amazingly gorgeous. you could do anything you wanted to.

tom (2106 days ago) Report Comment

aww good luck with everything! Im a performer myself and I went through the audition process last year and its a tough time but stick through it. Youre a beautiful dancer and anyone would be stupid not to give you a contract. x x

Amy-Lou (2107 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Jade HeusenFelicity, continued: you speak so positively about my "year dot" and show so much appreciation for what is required in order to make it. I sincerely hope that one day you can be sat in the audience of a show that I am performing in - either in the near future or when I am in the profession - so that you can enjoy the live show just as much as the videos.
If you would like to liase more personally, then please feel free to contact me on myspace or facebook.xx

Best wishes to all of you!!
Love Jade xxxx

Jade Heusen (2108 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Jade HeusenThank-you all for your kind messages! You are all so lovely!
Phillipa: Yes, I train from 8.40am till 7.20pm (this is the time period for my scheduled classes). I also warm up from about 7.30/7.45am prior to the start of class and on many (or most)occassions I either practice or use the gym after my last class from anything between 10 minutes and just under 2 hours. xx
Orla:We've spoken already so you know that you can contact me anytime about Elmhurst etc. Thank-you, as ever, for your fantastic support on this project; I hope I can continue to act as a role model for you!xx
Gemma:Yours is going to take a little more than a comment to answer, so pretty please contact me on myspace or facebook (if you have it). If not respond on here again and we'll sort something out. In the mean-time, keep loving it and being extremely focused on what you ARE GOING TO achieve. Enjoy every moment and don't worry!xx
Felicity:Your message is so wonderful to read on my part, truly. Its so touching that

Jade Heusen (2108 days ago) Report Comment

Very interesting videos, blogs, etc. It's every girls dream to be a ballet dancer but it's rarely realised so watching Jade tackle it so confidently and strongly is really brilliant. I know I'll forever be only in the audience at the ballet but I know what a thrill it is to be on stage, abeit only on an amatuer basis, so I totally get why Jade is willing to work so hard to make dance and the spotlight part of her every day life. Best of luck, Jade! :-)

Felicity (2111 days ago) Report Comment

Being a ballerina is my absolute dream but as the eldest of 4 children, my parents can't afford to send me to a proper dance school, I am at a loss as to what I can do to achieve my dream. I am 15 and know that, to get a chance at dancing professionally, I need to get somewhere by the time I am 18. Please help, I am desperate to become a ballerina but don't have the money to achieve it. x

Gemma (2114 days ago) Report Comment

i think jade is great dancer i dance too! but not as good as her! i love her videos!

orla (2114 days ago) Report Comment

You're such an amazing dancer!! I wish I was as graceful as you. Do you have to train all day every day?

Phillipa (2115 days ago) Report Comment