Football fanatic, Gilly Flaherty, spent her Year Dot proving herself on the pitch at Arsenal’s Ladies Academy.

Gilly's Story

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Gilly Flaherty

Football fever


After a rollercoaster year on and off the pitch, how is Gilly feeling about her footballing future? Proving herself to the Arsenal Academy has been no easy feat but Gilly has put in 100% every step of the way…

Gilly's to do list

  1. Get into the starting 11 for Arsenal Ladies First Team
  2. Get selected for England U19 European Championship Finals
  3. Get selected for either England U17/U20 world cup
  4. Graduate from college
  5. Get accepted to university
  6. Be in the running for FA Young Player of the Year

Gilly's big plan

Posted: 30/06/2008

I guess people might be able to tell a lot about me as a person once they read my goals. Just by looking at them you can see that I have quite a few relating to football. Football is my life and means everything to me. When football is going well for me I’m happy and people close to me notice this. This season I was mainly on the bench for the 1st team, getting a good amount of minutes under my belt, but next year I really want to push on and secure a starting 11 place. At the end of the season there are FA Awards, and my aim is to be in consideration for the FA Young Player of The Year Award. But only good performances will get me there so this will spur me on. Regarding my international career, this season is a big season for the U17s/U19s/U20s. I would love to be selected for the England U19 European Championship finals in July, and also for either the U17 or U20 world cups in the winter. Both of these competitions will be the pinnacle of my youth career so far and I really want to play on the top stages for football.

My other goals are related to my academics. I want to leave college with top grades and get accepted for university. None of my family has gone to university, and as I was always seen as the less academic person in my family, to go on to university will be a personal spur for me.

Gilly's journal

Final Update: 18/06/2009


Hey everyone, I guess this is goodbye?? But not forever trusstttt meee :D

What a year ay?? It all started with me going away to play for england u19s in the euro's, when i gave away a pen against sweden and we got sent home coz of it. Was devestated but i had to move on and look forward 2 the season with arsenal. That started off cool aswell, started games, but then lost my place and struggled to get it bk. Went away with england u20s to world cup and didnt start either. Then came back and with injuries that happened in first team i got my chance again at centre back and there i was to stay for rest of season :)

My football has really picked up towards the end of the year and im really pleased with it. I am proper happy with it so hopefully my career will be alright :) Make sure you keep upto date with my footie and still get intouch with me if you want to talk etc...

What have i learnt this year?? WOW i have learnt so much, bout myself, bout other people, and just about life in general. I have learnt that no matter how hard you try to keep someone in your life sometimes they just aint meant to be there. Dont make anybody, and i mean anybody, ''everything'' to you, because when they decide they want to go, or they aint there n e more, it hurts..alot. I probably havent been that open this year but for my final blog i am. Things have happened to me this year which i didnt think was going to happen, but it can only make me stronger. The problem with me is that i am naive, i only see the best in people, and i admitt i let myself get close 2 people easily. But thats going to change. Trust me. I want to find ''me'' first, before letting n e body else in. The next few years im going to focus on just enjoying football, family, and me. Hopefully i will be in a steady job, playing football at a high level, and having my own place.

My family have been my rock this year. Through everything and anything they are there 24.7, no matter what. I obviously owe a lot to my mum and dad, without them i wouldnt be where i am today, and i know they find things tough but their main priority is my happiness, and thats what i owe them alot for. My sisters are everything to me too, they are there for me 24.7 too and i have got so much closer to them the last year. I also have my brother in laws which i love alot. My nieces - honey, gracie and poppy, and the new addition to the fam my nephew - bobby. The littlens are everything to me and i cant wait to go home and spend proper time with them and watch them grow up.

Well, i dont want to say bye but i guess i got too? you have a seen a year in my life, and now its time to go. Please feel free to get intouch if you want to, you are all still my friends on myspace/facebook. I have enjoyed this year, its been different, but its an experience i wont ever 4get, i got my life filmed for a year, and it will always stay with me. For those who followed my yeardot, i hope you have liked it, i hope you have laughed and maybe cried too? i know i have cried lol on cam too how embarrassing. My friend viney says hi by the way..hes NOT goodlooking :) lol

Anyways... Take care, maybe i will see you around sometime??


Gilly Flaherty

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