Aaron Augustus, street dancer extraordinaire, spent his Year Dot setting up a dance school and learning the real cost of business...

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Aaron Augustus



Street dancer and aspiring businessman Aaron has split his year between setting up his own dance company and competing with break-dance troupe, Unity. While he's had a successful year, given the chance would he have done things differently?

Aaron's to do list

  1. Secure some funding to help launch my dance company
  2. Open my dance company
  3. Put on a dance showcase for friends and family of the students in my company
  4. Learn to organize my time better
  5. Find at least 50 schools wanting to run after school activities
  6. Pay off my debts
  7. Get a into a healthy rota for work
  8. To get a main part in Unity's hip hop musical, The Merchant of Venice
  9. Learn and master 1 aerial flip
  10. Get least 2 hours working in a school teaching dance under IYDC

Aaron's big plan

Posted: 30/06/2008

What’s really good people. My name’s Aaron Augustus. I am 20, going to be 21 in October (Brap Brap). Over the next 12 months I’m aiming to open my own dance company and put on a dance showcase at a local theatre in my area.

A little bit about me, I’m currently rehearsing with my dance group called UNITY, preparing to go Germany in June to compete in the World Championship. So rehearsals are taking up most of my time. I’m currently working as a dance/drama tutor, working with various different organizations, teaching in primary schools, secondary schools, pupil referral units, community centres, the whole shabang. I am also an area manager... (WAIT, did you read that, an AREA MANAGER... JEEZ)... for an organization called The Arts Temple were I employ YOUNG people to run after- school clubs… (see, ain’t I a nice guy)... More importantly, like most people I like hanging out with my friends. Due to my life being so BUSY, as you’ll soon see, I don’t really get much of a chance to relax (awww... lol). Thanks for reading guys x

Aaron's journal

Final Update: 01/06/2009

Is it the end????

Well it all feels like it's coming to a end so soon.

As you know i havn't gone ahead with putting on my own production, funny enough it would of been today and it's the same day as unity fundraiser show to get unity YOUTH to losvages to compete in the worls champions ships and again i would be running from south london to east london so i could be apart of both, huff.

Now i'm just getting ready for lewisham peoples day it's kinda like the daybute of the company so i got to make sure that there mad hott, lol.

Well me i'm ok with everything at the moment just been trying to train my self to become a better dancer.

Company wise i got a grant for like £1,000 to spend on my studio space but the venue i'm hiring, hasn't charged me at all from jan for the space so technical i've had a free studio space for 5 months, but i need to spend the grant, kinda like a catch 22. Do i tell the venue to hurry up and charge me so i can spend the money or do i keep quite and have free space. I've been on the case a number of time bt they havn't got back to me so theres nothing i can do.

Oh well, so i'm gonna jump in the bath now and get ready for the unity show. Peace

Oh and i've expanded by business by opening up a all boys dance group.

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Still want more?

Want to know more about street dancing or how to set up your own company? Looking to share ideas in your classroom? Check out the sites below for specialist information and teaching resources for dance, business and citizenship:

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Your messages

Aaron's had some amazing support:

hello Aaron,
just had to mail you to again tell you "well done!"
your company performance last night was excellent. i hope that you can recognise just what you have achieved when you saw at least 50+ young people on that stage last night and a packed, SOLD OUT audience.
I felt very proud and priveledged to been witness to your accomplishments.
My daughters who took part in the performance were on a high all night. they really enjoyed the performance - nerves and all - and it equally brought home to them what talents they have that have been hidden, until they came into IYDC.

keep on keeping on.


stay blessed

(parent of IYDC group 1 cohort)

akilah (1810 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Aaron.
I think its great that your doing something with your life, Im a dancer and dance practice everyday when i can because i can no longer go to classes. Scribble back soon xx

Lottie Banks (1870 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Aaron, i saw you on year dot about a month ago. ive just started a youth dance group and im looking for funding ive enjoyed reading other poeples comments and going to look into the connections they have mentioned. i wish you the best of luck.

Tonia (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Are you still looking for funding or ways to get into schools. Not sure if you have contacted local authorities and checked their "Youth Opportunities fund" otherwise check out Connexions "Positive Activities for Young People", these are all pots of money that you are able to apply for. For more info send me an e-mail. Good luck with what you are trying to do. Rowena.

Rowena Anderson (1894 days ago) Report Comment

Hello Aaron,

Do you have any cultural choreography?

moz (1894 days ago) Report Comment

Sorry I missed your shim :( usually at work when it's on but have been really sick this week. I have been Reading the blogs though and just so amazed and uplifted by how many possitive young people there are out there that know what they want and have a good idea on how to go about getting it! I think all tour family and friends should be so proud as many people do not get as close to their dreams I'm their whole life time never mind at your age so keep doing what you're doing and getting better each day hopefully. Goodluck and don't know if you have seen this site before or maybe even helpful to others like you who want to set up their own companies not necessarily in dance but offers sound business advice:http://www.startups.co.uk/6678842908320208523/young-entrepreneurs.html. Also check out rich dad, poor dad book and there is an iPhone bitesized app of the book. Any way Best wishes. M

Marsha (1900 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of AaronHi everyone,
Thanks for all the positive feed back i�m definetly going to put your advice to good use.
Dionne performing at your showcase sounds like a wonderful opportunity I personally would love to do that. You would have to speak to our manager his email address is Cerebro@hotmail.com.
Hi Hilary, i will look into the youth bank funding scheme and if you know of any other good funding bodys, or just some helpful information that would be most appreciated.
Hi Jennnifer, I was thinking of starting up a few classes in south west to give other people the same opportunities as the young dancers in my borough, do you think it�s a good idea? I have a close friend that lives in Brixton maybe he could apply for the youth funding and perhaps take the classes.
Hi Jamie, i understand what your saying about me pushing forward with my group. Throughout most of my year dot i have been trying to balance my company with my performance group and it�s so hard. I can�t put both of them first at the same time, so i�m sticking with unity at the moment because i�ve been with them for about 5/6 years i don�t want to leave when all the hard work is starting to pay off for us now.
Again thanks you everyone for showing an interested and actually taking time out to leave your comments, most people watch it and think yeh well done, but when people take time out to tell you, it means so much more so thanks.

Aaron (1905 days ago) Report Comment

Well, I just wathed the programme for the first time, and yeah, its good! Well done Aaron, I think you should go for it... start your business and aim for adance group YOU put together from YOUR sessions, to get to america, to the world championships. That way, you will get to live your dream aswell as acheive many goals. Lifes a game and your playing it... just keep going and you will suceed. I'm looking to start my own business too, I have just started my own DJ business www.djaytk.com but its not what I am REALLY looking for. This site is helping me realise what I want and need so keep it up mate!!! Your futures in your hands!!!

Jamie Stimpson (1907 days ago) Report Comment

hey, my name is jennifer and i wachedyeardot for the first time today, i love your idea, and commend your drive and determination. In regards to funding and money, I sit on a panel for my borough of Merton (SW london) called The Youth Opportunity fund, we baiscally are given money from the government which we then give to organisations that are created and run by young people, the only problem concerning yu is that our panel can only give the money out to young people who live, work or are educated in the merton borough, but i'm very sure that your borough of (Lewisham, i think) should have a similar set up, which you can ask for money from. You should enquire about this because you could get alot of money for your project. I hope you succeed in you venture. GOOD LUCK, jennifer x

jennifer (1907 days ago) Report Comment

Hi aaron watched you on yeardot for the first time today and i think you have some really realistic goals. You mentioned at the end of the programme that you wanted to know about any funding opportunities. I was a Youth Dance England entrepreneur and i know about some funding programmes for entrepreneurs such as YOUTH BANK. Another enretrepenru used this to get about £1000 to hire Nike Athlete Kimberlee Jay. You have to fill out some forms but apprently its quite straight forward. I think i have some other contact details for other companies so let me know if you need any other info.

hilary seaton (1907 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Aaron love your drive and ambition I watched year dot for the 1st time today! Would Unity be interested in performing at a Christian Dance showcase in Birmingham?? October 3rd?? I cordinate PHD which stands for Praise Him in the Dance! We are a christian organisation who puts on christian dance showcases to all types of christian music from street to contemporary maybe even salsa if your lucky!! we would be so honoured to have you guys has our special guests! email me either way! God Bless...

Dionne (1908 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of AkilahRead my goodbye blog...I mentioned you babe! xxx

Akilah (1964 days ago) Report Comment

I happened to google the name Augustus because I am researching my family tree and I came across your name. I live in the USA and the Augustus name is rare. I wish you much success in your endeavors.

charvette (2013 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of Aaronif anyone would like to dance classes in thier area or would like to see a dance showcase presented in thier area then please get at me.

Aaron (2031 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of sbi_genius@hotmail.comhey guys do you think it wld be wise for me to open another branch. Do you think things would take off?

sbi_genius@hotmail.com (2069 days ago) Report Comment

hey aron aww its lovely to see what ur doing from when i new u back in the days keep going....x

shirina (2077 days ago) Report Comment

i have seen you on the telle and its mad i can write to you i think its really good wot you are doing and i hope you go fare when i seen you danceing with all your class i really wonted to jump up and dance but were i live there is no think like that i live in isle of man its inbertwin england and iland lol not that big but just thart i would tell you i think you are doing a really good thing and keep it up and good look !!

James corrin (2078 days ago) Report Comment

hey i like what you do but me and friends have styles of dancing that know one understands how can we get ourselves noticed mainstream !!!

cole (2084 days ago) Report Comment

Hi, I met you and your fam in Jamaica xmas 2007...I was watching channel4 recently and nearly fell off my chair when I saw you popping and locking! I remember you even practising your moves at the airport when our flight was delayed for 10 hours haha! Anyway keep doin what your doing. Its good to see a black boy doing positive things! Kepp up the Good Work. Gabrielle.Say hi to your cousin that works in superdrug for me! haha, what a joker! :)

Gabrielle (2086 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of AaronHey guys, i know being late is not a good look. I need to stop taking on so much work, i was late to my taster class cause i was taking a class somehere else.

Lydia what is dance like in uni? I've always wanted to go uni and study it but i believe it wld take up alot of my time and i would have to put alot of my stuff on hold.

Aaron (2090 days ago) Report Comment

But Aaron wasn't you late to your taster class though? No point in cussing them bab. But I like what your doing anyway ;]

Melissa (2091 days ago) Report Comment

hey wot up ! well impressed with wot ur doing Im glad u have such a passion and enjoy sharing it with others ! Im also a dancer i study dance n music at uni In first yr but im loving ur free spirit keep ur hard work up dont be late !! lol

lydia gunning (2092 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Aaron, I watched you on channel 4 the other day and i thinkg its inspiring that you are following your dream and i must say you are amazing at what you do. I wish i lived close to you so i could come to one of your classes. Keep it up but dont work yourself too hard. Lots Of Love x

Natalie Lloyd (2093 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of AaronHey Guys i just found out about this comments part on my own page, hehe, thanks for the support everyone. I hope your watching tomorow as well, i'll be online straight afterwards if you wanna talk. at the moment i'm seeking more young people to join the company. I went over to ireland over the weekend and they young people out there are hungry and competitive when it comes to dancing, and all they have out there is school of like 200-400 ppl over in the uk there are really small group, bt anyway just that i'm going to push this company to the ends of the earth. hehe, once again thanks guys

Aaron (2095 days ago) Report Comment

Hey Aaron, ill come and dance for u, ur hot!! xx

Harri (2101 days ago) Report Comment

i teach two breakdancing classes and know how hard it is,and i watched you on year dot hope everything is going sweet with your goals and classes.

b-girl clint (2101 days ago) Report Comment

My daughter attended your class today,for the first time, at Downham leisure centre. She thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been searching for a street dance class for her for quite some time. I particulary like the fact that you cater for a younger age group (my daughter is 10). It allows children to express themselves in a creative way as well as exercising. A lot of young people have these talents and have no way of expressing it. May IDYC grow and serve the community. I have subsequently visited your website and admire your enthusiasm and drive to realise your dream. You deserve to make it. There is a demand for your work in the community and I for one will be spreading the word. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best in the future. I feel proud to know a young brother is doing something very positive for the community. Stay blessed.

Fay Williams (2104 days ago) Report Comment

ive always wanted to do street dancing and i would just like to no were u are placed so i can see if u are near . thx

robbie (2114 days ago) Report Comment

Your fit xoxo

Lucy (2114 days ago) Report Comment