15 young people were followed over the biggest year of their lives, online and on Channel 4. Share their experiences here...


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Deborah Stevenson

'A legendary year'


Deborah's year has been all about empowering young people... While dealing with her new life away from home, she's achieved an amazing amount outside of uni. How has everything that’s happened to her changed our urban poet?

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About Year Dot

Year Dot

Year Dot.

Think back to that first defining year in your life, when you started to make the important decisions that helped shape who you are today.

Year Dot is a groundbreaking cross-platform project from Channel 4 that gives an insight into that very journey. This BAFTA-nominated and BIMA award-winning project, played out online and on Channel 4, followed a group of fifteen young people going through what they hoped would be their life-changing year.

Through blogs, video diaries and films, Year Dot gave us first-hand access into what proved to be a monumental year. Watch back over their videos and find out how they got on...

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The Year Dot 15 have had a life-changing year. Their stories make great teaching resources, covering a range of curriculum subjects.

Through the first hand experiences of these diverse and impressive individuals, subjects will be brought to life: Motivate your Business Management students with Aaron and Tom’s enterprising endeavours; inspire English students with Deborah's urban poetry, or discuss Chloe and Jamal's community and family issues in your Citizenship or PSHE class.

You can browse all the videos by subject, import clips to interactive whiteboards or download the Year Dot podcasts from the website.

My Year Dot

My Year Dot

My Year Dot

Our Year Dot 15 have finally reached the end of their year dot.

To celebrate the end of that first year we've created My Year Dot, which pulls in tweets from across the Twitter community, gathering the best and worst years from all of you out there.