(Voice over) Year Dot,a truely revolutionary,digital documentary project.

(Deborah Stevenson) Mwah

(voice over) Fifteen young people on the first year of the rest of their lives.

(Voice over) Year Dot, a targeted social network with real purpose and genuine effect.

(Interviewer) Tom Mursell, bright future. (Tom Mursell) Thank you

(Voice over) From olympic wrestling dreams,

(Voice over) To juggling the fears of unexpeded fatherhood...

(Jamal Haynes) Ironically I took her there to get the test done but I was on my way to another girl's house

(Voice over) A first year of business,from bedroom to boardroom

(Voice over) And from row z to team a in the world of women's soccer

(Voice over) Year Dot flows from big laughs

(Simon Jenkins) Look at me!

(Voice over) to Big Ben

(Claire Hazelgrove) I'm not your average politician

(Voice over) From blogs to broadsheets for a wannabe journalist,

(Akilah Russell) Hi my names Akilah Russell.

(Voice over) to a gay rights campaigner who says it in song

(Sam Fripp) I'm still working out who I am I guess...

(Voice over) A penniless playwright searching for a stage,

(Voice over) to a performing poet finding her voice.

(Deborah Stevenson) The seeds I spit scald as soon as they hit the air...

(voice over) From the dark side of therapy

(Josh Muggleston) I'm feeling quite trapped in a way

(Voice over) to the shark infested waters of Swan Lake.

(Jade Heuson) It's literally the make or break crunch time into the professional world...

(Voice over) From showbiz action, to personal drama.

(Nicolette Ester) Yeah my dad has deteriorated more...

(Voice over) Year Dot's alongside for those first time experiences,

(Voice over) whether it's boarding school...

(Teacher) I want you looking smart and business like for lessons.

(Nicolette Ester) This place sends you mad it really does.

(Voice over) Or rock school...

(Voice over) Real lives in real time, played out online.

(Josh Muggleton) Today, I'm down to my last dose of Prozac

(Josh Muggleton) Here's to starting a new life. Cheers.

(Voice over) Year Dot, a cross section of young lives, in twentieth century Britain.

(Gilly's mum) Awwww

(Voice Over) We're there when things go wrong,

(Nicolette) I never thought I'd do that, I never thought that'd be the way...

(Sheila) It just didnt feel right anymore.

(Jamal) You push the people that are closest to you away.

(Deborah Stevenson) I just had to get out of that house, I just had to go.

(Jamal Haynes) I'm not condoning teenage pregnancy at all.

(Jamal Haynes) You need to be flipping sure about it, Christ


(Voice over) And we're there when things go right

(Akilah Russell) It made the front page.


(Midwife) There's his little boy bits!

(Jamal Haynes) Bang Bang! Told you!

(Deborah Stevenson) After all the pain, and gruel and time, I'm going to Nottingham.

(Jade Heuson) I'm obviously completely over the moon that I have achieved this contract and that you've offered it to me. This is the biggest achievement of my life.

(Gilly Flaherty) I can see what I wanna do is closer to me and I can achieve it if I really want to, so it's becoming more of a reality rather than a dream.

(Campaigners) Yes we Can! Yes we Can!

(Claire Hazelgrove) It's amazing being here this year...

(Claire Hazelgrove) I'm even more steadfast in my belief that this is definately what I want to do.

(Simon Jenkins) I think I've definately grown up alot over the year and learnt a few things about myself.

(Simon Jenkins) Thank you very much, cheers for coming down last night as well.

(Robin Williams) Oh you're welcome

(Josh Muggleton) A, A, B (Josh's Mum) You did it! (Josh) Yes!

(Josh's mum) Oh Josh! Oh Well Done!

(Voice Over) The Year Dot website's the hub for their films and video diaries.

(Sheila Lord) The feedback of Year Dot was brilliant and it's real opinions and it's real honesty.

(Akilah Russell) The feedback that I've got off of people is probably going to affect me for the rest of my life.

(Josh Muggleton) Just knowing that people are watching and listening and reading my story, it really does give you a huge morale boost that's

(Josh Muggleton) got me through some very hard times

(Isobella Hatwell) If Year Dot hadn't of come along then I dont know if I would have neccessarily found another starting point.

(Deborah Stevenson) Did you know this festival was entirely organised by a group of under twenty fives?

(Voice over) Year Dot. A ground breaking, live project.

(Voice over) Building a remarkable digital network, changing young people's lives for good.

(Jade Heuson) It's amazing how much you can mature and learn in a year.

(Deborah Stevenson) Imagine if you learnt this much in real life. It'd be legendary! That'd be sick.

(Nicolette Ester) I feel better about myself. I'm more comfortable with who I am.

(Nicolette Ester) I am a teenager, I want to enjoy the life that I've got, you know, while I've still got it.

(Jamal Haynes) I feel like Year Dot is the prologue of a great story to tell...

(Akilah Russell) This is the beginning of adulthood.

(Josh Muggleton) The future is the great unknown and I dont know exactly what's coming,

(Josh Muggleton) Just what I want to happen.

(Deborah Stevenson) Dont forget me please. I'll never forget you