The Year Dot experience, I've found really exciting. The start of the year I didn't know what was round the corner; what was ahead of me. My main goal was to set up this business 'Not Going To Uni' Looking back to where I was a year ago I think I was a lot more naive and now I feel like I've grown both as a person and in my world which is business. I think now I'm more confident than I was. I am a really ambitious person and I kind of thought that by the end of the year I was going to be a millionaire- that naive but now I know that you've got to work blooming hard to get to that position and that's what I'm trying to do

But their recruitment process isn't going to last 12 months...

Being public about my goals and ambitions definitely did add pressure because you feel like you've got to prove it to those people watching otherwise they're going to laugh at you and you will be a bit of a failure. Half the time I do feel like an adult because I'm out there on my own in the business world the other half I'm still living a home. I don't want to be, I want be out the house it's just finances and things like that. I have to hang back a bit. I've got to the stage in the business where we're actually starting to make money which is fantastic. We've got some quite high-profile backers of the site which took time to get which perhaps I was a bit naive in thinking ,that things would happen quite quickly like overnight which it hasn't done. I need to keep .chipping away at things and working hard I feel that I'm now happy with what I've done

(Spencer) I think that we might actually make some money out of this baby. My investment might not be wasted.

(Tom)I always knew that I'd be rich one day and I will be a success. I know that it might sound really big headed don't mean it to be, but I've always known that. I don't know how I'm gonna get there yet but my goal is to get on the Sunday Times rich list at some stage.