I think that with Year Dot, it's definitely put me out there amongst football fans. It's made me want

to prove to everyone more that I'm not just all talk, I will go out there and try as hard as I can to

achieve those goals. Football is essential to me and the life and the path I want to live on. The year's

been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been times this year where I've been down about my football

and I've just been like if it carries on this way I am gonna quit and I can't go through this anymore

the pressure just got too much for me.

If I'd have know, I'd have just...

(Gilly's Dad) Yeah, I honestly did believe that you was gonna go on and play

(Gilly) But it's them times like that when you look back and think why would I want to quit this game,

I've got everything I want and now it's just going to games and putting it into practise and being a pro.

I think my football's got better as the years gone on and I've grown up a lot on the pitch and my confidence;

obviously as things have been picking up for me, I've got more confident. I think it's fair to say that

I was quite young at mthe beginning of the year. I was quite naive with a lot of things an d it's taken the

the year for me to grow up and I've seen the change.

I am a real family girl; my family mean everything to me and that's what I found hard the most about

about not being at home. I think because my Dad guided me when I was younger and he's proud of me

living his career as well because he never go the chances that I got and that's basically what spurs me

on the most that when I'm out there winning things, I'm basically winning them for him because he's

never been able to win anything like this before.

(Gilly's Dad)
When I watched Gilly out there tonight, I was so proud, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Lovely.

(Gilly) Now I'm getting older I can see what I want to do is closer to me and I can achieve it if I really want to

It's becoming more of a reality rather than a dream. I don't want no regrets in my life. I've got one chance

at football and for me, I've got to do what I've got to do and sacrifices along the way; I've got to make them.

I feel like I'm at the right age- being the best player in the country and being the best player in the world

is what I want to end up as one day and I'm not gonna let no one stand in my way of that.