A lot has happened for me over the last year so I think this year as a whole has been very busy.

I think this year I've learned a lot, I think I've learnt a hell of a lot. Having Inspire Youth Dance Company

under my belt, makes me feel a lot more confident. When you're young and can dance, you have a talent.

When I speak to people and they say what do you do and I tell them I run my own business, it makes me

feel like; I run my own business now. It gives me a good feeling.

I don't know what the day is gonna consist of, get the routines and find it difficult, but you actually put a smile on my face.


A year ago, because I never had much responsibilities or didn't know what I was doing, it was kind

of like whatever happens will happen. Now I've got the responsibility or running a company and I'm

responsible for young people, I have to be more clear about what I want and how I go about getting it.

If I don't, then everything will just fall apart.

Hi everyone! I'm Aaron by the way...

Everything started to blow up- a lot of things started to go positive this year and because it all happened

at the same time, it was just hard to juggle everything.

That was interesting. You have a long way to go if you want to remain in this group. So if you're not

willing to try, then this group is not for you.

I originally wanted a small company/ business of about 60 people. It's gone from I wanted to run it

my way, to listen to other people, to I should have listened to myself. If I stuck to my original

idea of wanting to keep it small and neat, it wouldn't have been so much hassle of worrying about

who comes in where because it would have been smaller numbers straight away.

So many things have happened throughout the year in terms of the whole dancing with unity and auditions

and performing outside of London and doing other shows. Opening up the company at the same time as

Unity needed a lot of commitment kind of like conflicted with each other. The regrets are not being

able to do the shows with Unity. They won UK Championships and World Championships and I wasn't there

Don't want to regret not being able to follow one of my career choices of being a performer or being

a teacher. If I wasn't to keep up the performing of Unity, I would lose the chance of being able to perform

around the country or do work abroad. I can always come back to teaching but the opportunities with Unity

won't come around so easily

(Aaron's Friend) You dancing today?

(Aaron) Yeah I'm dancing today...

I'm a person that's never really satisfied on one thing; I'm always thinking ahead one step ahead. That's

all I've really been thinking about- where do I go from here. Because when I stop, or when my dancing

stops, what am I left with. So I'm constantly pushing forwards.