Being part of Year Dot has been a fantastic experience. I think I've learned a lot about myself this year. I need to be more focussed, stick to things a bit more. When I first set out, like, I did think it was a realistic goal. I feel sad because I wish that you guys would have got the auditions and the rehearsal process and, you know, the end result. I think I was lazy...Yeah, I was lazy but I've learnt the work load I can cope with and I've learnt that I could have been capable of taking on a lot more. At the beginning of the project I felt like I didn't know where I wanted my life to lead. I kind of panicked a bit when I turned 18 I was kind of like now's really the time when I need to decide if I'm gonna go back to college, if I wanna get a 9 to 5 job and that was difficult. If Year Dot hadn't come along then I don't know if I would have necessarily found another starting point. This is a huge, huge space!

I'll always be really grateful for that. Like extremely grateful for that. I hope that people can look over this and see how I've grown as a person cos I definitely kind of proud of what I've achieved so far.

Oh! Thank you! Wow, it's amazing.

If there's anything that this year's taught me actually is that Kid Soldiers is something I really wanna do. This is probably more money than I've ever held in one hand. It's an opportunity that I really want to give to young people and it's an achievement I really want to reach. It's a shame that it's taken me this long to get it together but again, the point is that I have got it together. I haven't given up.