I think this year's been successful for me in terms of progress and goal setting. The positive stuff from Year Dot is that I got to meet loads of people, to get myself out there and to show people what I'm made of. I think what caused me to grow up so early is the people pressure of putting me down and going through so much and because transitioning from special needs to mainstream school, after all those years in special needs I wanted to be above everybody else. I wanted to be a role model and show people that look what I've done.

(Rugby player) Ready, sink!

In my life, I've always been setting goals for myself and they have been high goals. Every single goal I've put down, I've achieved this year. Fitting everything in has been hectic but I needed to get myself out there because this year is like three years before 2012, half a year before the commonwealth games and I needed to take all that on to show people my strengths. I do spread myself thin and push myself but I've always done that. That's just me, it's my nature. As a kid, no one thought I could get anywhere. One minute I'm this little girl, no one knows me, and now all of a sudden I'm popular. I've got friends begging to be friends with me. One minute they used to bully me and now they're below me and it just feels weird and emotional. I've learnt from this year to slow down a bit more and stop trying to do everything. The biggest ,thing I .think I've learnt is that I need to look at my priorities a bit more and know which is important. What I've changed is to be a stronger person. I've had a hard year but I think there's loads more fun to come.