It's amazing how much you can mature and learn in a year. I've learnt so much more from working in the

company. It's really been the transition year and it's really taken me to a different mind set. Ballet

is my life. I chose to do this because I love it to know that I haven't just sat around waiting for my

life to fall in front of me. I've actually achieved it.

God, it's amazing. I feel like I could get a bit of taste for model life actually!

I've always put in that extra effort and what some people might think is hard, I just think; you really

don't know, do you?! I always worry that I'm not pushing myself hard enough. Being an ultimate

perfectionist means that nothing's ever good enough really. As a dancer, I'm used to having the

pressure that despite learning to cope with the pressure, I almost couldn't live without it.

I'm ready to move on to the professional world.

(Dance Headmaster) How are you?

I'm obviously completely over the moon that I've achieved this contract and that you've offered it to me.

This is the biggest achievement of my life. I think this achievement has allowed me to not feel so

in what I've achieved and just be proud of myself.

I'm really looking forward to showing that ambition that I have and proving that every second counts to me.

It is going to be a massive change and purely professional. I'm no longer seen as the student working

with the company. Of course it's always daunting It's a new life, a new beginning but you can't let it get the better of you.

or become fearful of it otherwise you'll never take risks and never challenge yourself and never push yourself.

I do feel at that point when I just can' wait and I'm ready to find out who I am in a way

I'm really sort of on my own fending for myself. It really is adulthood.