The Year Dot experience has been a very interesting one

That was possibly the most surreal experience of my life.

It's made me realise lots of things about myself. I'm quite different to the person

that I was maybe a year ago so it's been a very productive journey I think and

and it's definitely been one that I've learnt a lot on and it's made me better

equipt and better able to face the things that I face now. A year ago, I was

more insecure, more kind of unsure of what I wanted and I think now I'm more

comfortable with who I am, I can realise that I don't need to do everything now

and I can, you know, give things some time

(Sam singing)

As people. we grow constantly. I'm still working out who I am I guess. Maybe

that's why its so interesting and so difficult to be a teenager.

I think not being able to enter Eurovision was a defining moment but in a

positive way rather than a negative way and that's great but I had to pick

myself up and dust myself off and carry on. For people that have said you're

never going to get to Eurovision; all of this rubbish, it's; fair enough if they

want to say it if it makes them feel good, that's great but who does it do a

service to. It doesn't make me feel any better. I've had some hefty criticism

to put put up with and to deal with but it's made me realise that actually you

do have to persevere with theses things and you do have to put everything into it.

Maybe for that final chorus, the first half might be very light drums

As a song writer I've realised that you grow all the time and only with time will

I get better and have more interesting things to write about and a more interesting

standing point on certain things.

All is well like a calm mill pond.

I'm enjoying what I'm doing at the moment and if other people are enjoying it and

getting something from it then why should I stop? I accept that maybe this

won't go the way that I want it, maybe it will. I'm 17, I'm young still, I'm

willing to give it a chance. I'm willing to put my hope into something that isn't

concrete and maybe that's the different between being 17 and being 30