All in all, I'm impressed with how far I've come over this year. I thinnk I've come a long way.

(Neighbour) I think trying to win Skipton this year for Labour, you just might as well try and win the National Lottery!

(Claire) I'm not your average politician, I'm a lot more confident in myself. I've really got to know the person

I am over the past couple of years definitely. It's since I've been selected I've become even more

steadfast in my beliefs in terms of what I stand for and m path but this is definitely what I want to do

(Presenter) There's a woman here called Claire Hazelgrove and you want to be a Labour MP next time round

(Claire) I do, yeah. I'll look back on this as the beginning of everything else. There have definitely

been low points like with the whole blogging thing. I think the whole experience did help it hit home

that the position I'm in does hold a lot of responsibility with it so you do have to be more careful than others

or more careful than I was before about what you put out there and everything.


Done some amazing things this year.

(Crowd Chanting 'Yes We Can')

This is what it's like here at the minute. It's just insane.

It's been a big year for me really in lots of ways and one I'll never forget. I don't think I am a

typical 20 year old in that I have grown up so much faster. I like things to focus on and to achieve

I've always been like that, like, always. A big reason that maybe I went for this election is that

it will give me something more to work towards outside of university and something to focus on.

I think university's given me a real sense of independence. What it is to fend for yourself. I'm really glad

I've come but also I'm glad I'm at the end of it. For so long, I've not been doing what I want to do,

Finally I'm gonna get to do something that I want to do, or at least try. This kind of crossroads as such

is scary and it is worrying as I've had this safety net of university for the past three years but at

the same time, it is very exciting. I'm not going into this thinking it's fine, I know it might all

go wrong, that's politics but if it's what you love then what can you do?