I think coming to Felsted has been quite hard

(Nicolette's Friends) Hi. I'm Tash, I'm Cathy.

(Nicolette) It's taken me a while to fit in here. I wouldn't take it for granted and say that from the first day I was happy and fit in perfectly but I think over time I've come to realise that I can fit into school and I don't really have to change; I can be myself and people will have to accept me. I think definitely this year has shown me that there are opportunities if you are willing to take them when they're given

to you. I think it's made me realise this year not to say no when opportunities come up because it coul lead to something bigger that will make a big impact on your life. I've pushed myself a lot harder than I have before to achieve everything I have so I'm hoping in the future that I can strive for the best because if you're not going to do that then what's everything worth?


(Nicolette's Dad) You Okay?

(Nicolette) Yeah I'm good! I think when you're younger, things have a harder impact on you. I think I lost a lot of confidence when things go down and wrong with your family. This year my Dad has deteriorated more and that's; I can really see that and it's really evident but I have to put that out of my mind for a while. In the situation at home, you can always control it whereas here, you've got no control and you've got to learn how to put it to the back of your mind. This place drives you mad, it really does. I think I've discovered that I wasn't as strong as I thought I was and that I wasn't as comfortable with myself as I thought I was at the start of the year but I've really been able to develop that. And see the different part of my personality and my life and the way that I deal with situations be changed to help me progress in the future.

I see myself as a more confident individual I have much more self esteem to do things the way I want to do them and live my life how I want without depending on other people. I definitely feel that I have found a new sense in myself that I want experience freedom and I want to release a childish side in myself that I've not been able to before because of the responsibility that I've held. I am quite conscious now that I've swapped my old life for a new one in which I feel better about myself and am more comfortable with who I am and more confident with what I have to offer. I'm a teenage girl and I'm not some adult yet and I want to enjoy the life that I've got while I've still got it.