(Claire) A lot has happened in the last few weeks actually, which is why I kind of haven't been updating so much because I've just been so busy

It has all just been so important and so crucial. I don't know if you can see but my surroundings are a bit different. I moved to London two days ago so, yeah, it's all go, literally. Finished degree on Monday,packing like crazy, move down here on Wednesday. It has been so, just like a massive time in my life and really is the end of a massive chapter.

That's it for my education. I've been in education since I was four and to come out now it's like, OK, a real new element of my life is starting. Starting work soon as well. Yeah, busy... but good.

I'm really, really pleased I'm here and I'm just really looking forward to the future, now more than anything. Who knows what's going to happen? This is the real beginning as I see it. The real beginning for me and my new life.

I'm out there now. I haven't got the safety net of education or university or home or anything. It's just kind of, it's just me. Me against the world (laughs) but that's how I like it.