So it's the end of the beginning.

Year Dot's nearly over and crap (laughs)

This has by far been the best year of my life.

I would say most significant but my birth probably overrides that one!

I just feel great.

Yeah, I'm really, really scared that I'm not gonna have a camera

watching me for the next year so I might try and get lazy

but realistically that's not going to happen because I've realised my potential this year

and this isn't going to be the beginning of my life or the highlight of my life.

This is just the foundation. This is me realising what I can do.

This is me realising where I'm going to go.

And it may be crazy and overwhelming right now but I'll just look back on it and I'll be like, yeah,

that's when I knew where I was going and that's when I knew

this is Deborah. I'm not going to be like,

I remember once I did this thing that was miraculous and then I started working in an office.

That's not going to happen. I'm going crazy and I still have course work to do

And I'm still in Nottingham and I'm packing my bags so...yeah.

DOn't forget me please. I'll never forget you.