(Simon) A night like tonight you only get one shot. You don’t really want to go in

changing and of your routine, or certainly not any of your style.

You get one chance at the store; you know people have paid 16 quid to get in.

If I do bad I am going to be probably standing outside giving refunds at the end of this

you know it is a big night for me.

It is certainly the biggest gig I have had.

(MC) Ladies and gentlemen please give it up for Simon Jenkins


(Simon) How are you doing Comedy Store are you well?

Straight after I did the set, Don came in who runs the Comedy Store, and then he said

yeah the set tonight, I was like yeah, he was like the beginning, I was like yeah

he was like yeah you didn’t really get them straight away, I was like no I know, and I apologised

Where are you, that’s what she speaks like, she is like Joanna Lumley mixed with Boris Johnson

right, It is actually beautiful to be here though.

and he was like but as soon as you got that out of the way you know, they really enjoyed you

you looked comfortable and confident on stage, you could tell that you were enjoying it and that

was reflective of your actions too,

I thought I’d leave a little comment to Laura to help her out, so I said hello Laura, nice and casual

it is your dad here


the etiquette is that you do a 5 minute open spot, if you impress Dom, then you go onto 10 minutes

and if you impress him then then hopefully you can get some paid 20s out of it.

She was at the front buying some bread and milk off our benefit money right, and she’s


That is not rude, that is a fact right?

I have got over the first hurdle of impressing him with a 5, and hopefully if I do enough work between

now and whenever I do the 10 minute spot then we can start looking to the future.

I have been Simon Jenkins, thank you very much Comedy Store



(Steven K Amos) Well done

(Simon) I remember I came here about 8 months ago and I had only just started getting into stand up

and I was just sat there with a beer just thinking Jesus, actually imagine being stood on that stage

looking out to like 400 people.

Have a good one yeah?

10 months down the line people are paying 16 quid for a night of comedy and which I was on the bill

it is just, it is quite a humbling experience if you know what I mean