(Simon) This poem is called Year Dot, an interactive project about a group of 15

Year Olds in conjunction with Channel 4 and So Television part one.

This year has been fun, Year dot has been great, every single film shoot I have been

2 hours late.

(Jade) My year dot has been

(Nicolette) Um, 3 words are very difficult

(Akilah) Challenging

(Jade) Ooooh

(Sam) Testing, um (laughs)

(Jade) Inspirational

(Claire) Great


(Simon) The 15 have been lovely, what a splendid bunch. This year made me forget

about the credit crunch.

(Tom) Business opportunities are like buses, there is always one around the corner.

(Sheila) Just be yourself, and don’t be afraid of change


(Simon) I have liked speaking to all of you, on the social network site.

(Aaron) Laughing

(Simon) Each new video, a fresh comedic plight


(Tom) Year dot has been credible, great for me, and great for the business.

(Aaron) A great experience.

(Akilah) Creative

(Deborah) Insane, and

(Sam) Worthwhile

(Simon) A big thanks to everyone, who joined me on this slog, one final question

could you offer me a job?

(Sheila) Year Dot has been

(Jade) Insightful

(Sheila) Tiring

(Chloe) Very interactive

(Jade) Fantastic

(Sheila) Unpredictable

(Deborah) Educational

(Josh) Special, no that is terrible, sorry.

(Jade) Actually can I have another one, unique (Laughs) Sorry, greedy.

(Josh) For me, making a difference is everything

(Claire) The worst that anyone can say is no so just go for it, because in the end

you have got nothing to lose.

(Chloe) I want to go out there and change young peoples life’s and make a better future for them

(Nicolette) Take all that you can, and make the most of your life

(Jamal) I never thought that I would be on TV, Channel 4 turn it on and you will see me

1 15th of a diverse group, each with different dreams and goals to pursuit, I have learned a lot

as I have listened and read the comments on the page, and over the past year the project show my coming

of age because it is a new day and if you miss me on the show look me up on Yeardot.co.uk

(Jamal) Catch you later.