(Sheila) Hello everyone, this is officially my last Year Dot video diary. I thought I would

try and summarise the past year. But do it a little differently.

In replacement of songs I have been writing quite a lot of poetry.

My name is Sheila Claire Lord. I have another middle name which I will not reveal,

ad which I hate.

My passion and goals seem to be music. I recently discovered that my passion is any type

of creative outlet of emotions, that I shouldn’t really voice.

I am indecisive, but have become impulsive, and so I am predictably unpredictable

My favourite desert is warm apple pie with cream. I don’t tell my family enough just how much I

love them, I don’t show them enough either. I am trying to resolve this.

My favourite colour is purple. I have been in love. Tragedy made me embrace the future

instead of staying in the past. My maturity has nothing to do with age. Neither does my immaturity.

I have filtered certain faces, and I know I will not miss them when I go.

This past year has been the most eventful, tiresome, unpredictable and the most beautifully beneficial year

so far.

I love sleep, but I hate dreaming.

I am no longer an idealist. Cynicism is a trait I have developed. So to prevent pain

I am not inquisitive of other people’s thoughts; I don’t try and decipher dialogue anymore.

literal thinking is the easiest way to deal with people you don’t understand.

I will miss my home town, as much as I need to escape it right now.

I still have no regrets, and although experience is just another name for our mistakes

I would not take back any wrong I have done, or I would not be where I am now, knowing what I know now.

I am sure that warm apple pies or the colour purple doesn’t present any profound insight into who I am

but they are still parts of me, segments that I wish to share. For we are not merely our own goals

a musician, a poet, a comedian, a dancer. We are all human beings, we are people and we change. that is what

I have learnt most of all.

So allow me to introduce myself, I am Sheila, I am a human being and I have and no doubt in the future

change. But that is life. And being honest I enjoy life very much.