well this is basically probably one of the last video diaries, if not the last video diary I will be doing before the end of the Year Dot project, so Wow, I mean what a year it has been, it has been just wonderful. I am actually off today to the final meet up that we are having, so I cant be too long, but I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to everybody, all the people at So TV, Channel 4, everyone involved in the project, all the other 14 who have just been fantastic to get along with and oh it’s been brilliant, and really inspirational, and also a huge thank you to everyone whose followed all of us, but you know as this is a personal message, practically everyone who has followed my journey, and commented and enjoyed the process.

So thank you ever so much, it has been wonderful, had a amazing time such incredible experience and, that’s it. Obviously now that I have got a job for next year with Birmingham Royal Ballet I am kind of set as to where you know, what I am doing next year. So I kind of have, I know I will be going there with lots more goals to set you know, and I will be ever motivated, so even though this sort of life changing year for me, trans, you know the transition from being student to professional has sort of been the big motivation to get a job and everything. And you know it is just the beginning for me even though you are not going to sort of see my, the rest of my progress be sure that I will continue this huge ambition of mine, and the drive and dedication is going to be no less without the cameras there watching.

So, that’s it, I just, I guess this is a goodbye message so thank you ever so much again, keep in touch I will always be here to talk, you have got all my Facebook and MySpace details now, so let me know and I will let you know of any dates of any shows that I am in if anyone ever you know, wants to come and watch something, and that is about it.

So take care and maybe I will see you soon, bye.