(Aaron) One of my aims with Year Dot was to do a show with my company, and today was meant to be the day, but unfortunately unity has decided to put on their own show today so my IYDC show cannot go ahead.

I am not late, don’t try your bits, I am on time, I am on time I am on time. (Laughs)

The reason why my showcase didn’t go ahead because I think the time scale and the realisation of me actually getting it done was kind of like pushing it.

(Tia) You dancing today

(Aaron) Yeah, I am dancing today

I made sacrifices over the last couple of weeks to get tutors in to cover my class, so I can make rehearsals for Unity's show.

I have been dancing for Unity for about 4 Years now, and we have gone from literally rehearsing to like 12-5 in the morning, to actually having dream cups and going to hotels and partying together so we shared a lot of good times together.

(MC) Yo, everyone alright?

(Audience) Yeah

(MC) Everyone ready for a good show?

(Audience) Woo

(MC) Please give a warm welcome go crazy for the ones who call themselves Unity.



(Aaron) We are dancing, and you can communicate with each other while you are dancing like you pass each other whilst you are on stage, you laugh, you giggle, you make jokes in-between, it is kind of like, it is just like going to work and having fun just performing with the group generally gives you a high, while everyone goes on stage positive and come off just positive you have done a great job.


(MC) Make some noise for Unity

(Aaron) I wouldn’t say opening IYDC was a mistake; I am kind of riding off the back of what Unity do, if Unity make it then I know that I need to put my time in, if not I have still got my IYDC, so it is keeping it balanced until that crucial decision comes past.

(Tashan) The joy of performing and the love of performing is back with him because before it was like ok where am I going to go? Ok, I have got to work, I have got to teach, I have got to make money. But then again as a dancer, you are a slave to the stage if you get what I mean? And he missed that and it is good to have him back.

(Aaron) Unity isn’t going to secure my future, and if it comes to a point where I might have to leave then it might be time where we might sit down and actually talk about how IYDC and Unity actually come together.

I have to kind of focus on my future, that is why I want to keep IYDC open because it is the future for me.