(Claire) I think ever since kind of I figured I wanted to do politics, coming down to London at some point being a real aim for me.

We are here in my new flat, in London today. I left York this morning, so literally just moved down, new start, kind of new flat, new life. So Uni is all finished, finished that on Monday so yeah it is a real kind of new beginning.


(Claire) Everyone else is still at uni and kind of enjoying the freedom, but I am starting work on Monday, so that is why I moved down today to get settled in and sort stuff out before I start work the job I have found is good, it is good but it is not political, it is not what I was ideally looking for but as I am here now I can actually seek jobs a lot more easy than when I was kind of up in York, so this, yeah this is a step in the right direction to finding a job that I want.

One last load, literally, nearly there.

Now we have got our own kind of kind of flat it is kind of like moving into the real world you know.

Oh British gas, we might want to talk to them.

(Gregory) Not paying that

(Claire) Not paying that quite frankly no.

Before you have always had the kind of the safety net of uni as such, and that to fall back on, but now, it is just kind of yeah it is the real world so it is kind of I guess scary but it is exciting definitely.


(Claire) Year Dot is ending very soon, and I guess for me it is not so much well it is the ending of a chapter but it is the beginning of a very new one.


(Claire) Thanks, I am so tired, yes we have made it

(Gregory) At last

(Claire) We made it to London, Wow.

The show is ending and kind of that massive year of my life is actually this one could prove to be bigger in some sense because I am really embarking, I am setting out on my own now, I am doing my own thing without any sort of safety net, so this is going to be a big year too