Ok this is my final video diary, for kind of to mark the end of Year Dot and everything

that this year has actually been, it is really strange to have to actually say

you know that it is going to be the last time this year has gone so quickly and I don’t really

know where the time has gone. I can look back on Year Dot now and mark all my progress and I have

seen how much I have changed and developed over the past year, and in a way I am really happy to just

be in the position that I am now to be more confident in myself to kind of like myself more as a person

and to see a real direction that I want to go in in life. I mean I have had a great year starting something

completely different, you know totally knew that I never thought I would be given the opportunity to do.

and yet I think I have come out of it better than what I thought I would.

and you know I am looking to get in all A's in my AS levels, you know once I get my results back

and that is a really great feeling, I think that I set down ten priorities to myself at the start of year dot

including not just school related kind of things but at home as well and in the community and I really think I have

been able to do myself justice this year just to take them all into account, and I think Year Dot has really helped me to

focus my attention of where I have got to be and what I have got to do, but it is going to be really sad to you know end

today, and you know turn off the camera for the last time just to say goodbye. It is going to be so strange not to be able to

see my life in other people’s eyes as well and have feedback on everything, I think that has been a really nice part of this

year, and I will miss other peoples input, but at the same time I think I needed that over the past year, I think it has helped

me get the most out of everything and I am really grateful for that. But you know, in a way Year Dot has been quite a bit of work

just to kind of fit everything in, being quite busy at school and at home and wanting to spend time just relaxing to get away from

the stress of everything, but in another way, I have really enjoyed the experience, and I don’t think I will ever consider you know

you know looking back and saying that it was a negative experience in anyway, I think that it has really helped me. And I will be

sad to see it go. So I just wanted to you know, final words, say goodbye and just wish everyone you know the best of luck in the

future in whatever you want to do, and from me personally thank you for helping my Year Dot and thank you for making my year all that

it has been with all your support and advice, so thank you very much