Hiya, my name's Akilah Russell and I'm calling from Wall to Wall. I was contacted by an assistant producer from Wall to Wall, which is a television production company to come

in and do some work experience, I'm helping her do research for a programme coming on Channel 4 soon. (Vicky) Can you check the papers for us? get any cuttings that are

relevant to the subjects that we're looking at.(Akilah) Oh right, cool.

(Vicky) Yeah Akilah, we found her through the Year Dot MySpace website.

She is a journalist, a trainee journalist, she needed some work experience, we needed a young, you know, interested enthusiastic journalist and we er got in touch with her

she responded and it all went from there.

(Akilah) I never really considered going into television,I just didn't like it really 'cause it was like, I'm used to being in front of the camera not behind it, it's like

a lot more technical, there's a lot more work involved, so I thought, nah, it's not for me. But then, why limit yourself really?

(Vicky) Akilah's been brilliant actually, really good. She's got a very mature outlook and she's also very good with people. We've done a couple of joint interviews together

and it's been very much a two way thing, I've asked a few questions she's asked a few questions.She's very good at engaging with what the issue is straight away.

She's also very good at using her own initiative and going out and finding her own stories.

(Akilah) I definitely am enjoying it, I think it's going to help. It means that when I do leave and I'm researching for my own articles it means that I'm going to be more thorough

now, cause I have a better understanding of how to do it.

(Vicky) I can see that she'll be a good journalist, she's got a good eye for a story and her research is coming on very well and she's good with people,and that's the main

components really that you need to be a journalist.

(Akilah) Hi my name's Akilah Russell, I'm calling from Wall to Wall.

I think work experience has helped my grades especially in features, I always get As in features and i think it's because I wrote two major features for The VOice.

Doing this,has definitely put me far ahead of everybody else, 'cause everybody's done print, no-one's really done anything substantial in television, but I have.

(Vicky) Work experience is vital to get into this industry, yes, it's very much an on-the-job you know, learning situation and being in and around in an office working

with other journalists who are more experienced in invaluable.

(Akilah) Without Year Dot a lot of things wouldn't of happened I've just come to accept it. It's just life now.