(Deborah) On Saturday on the main stage, me and Garry are hosting, which is like amazing, just so, so, so, so amazing. You know what we can handle it and we can do it and it means that I am going to be there sort of like all day everyday of the festival but, you cant turn down an opportunity like that.


(Deborah) It is everything I imagined and more you know, my life has gone into today you know this has just been everything, I have taken like 3 months off work, lived in poverty, not gone to uni


(Deborah) I can’t even begin to explain how much has come from it, you know, well have a look around, you know it is just amazing.

I am going to wear it like; I have got 3 outfit changes

(MC) Is it?

(Deborah) Yeah (laughs) What up.

Just so many people have been interested in it, it feels amazing how rammed that main space is and is going to be.

The hair, is the hair fine?

Yeah me hosting feels amazing, and it feels like a deserving climax.

Are these, so David are these on?

(David) I don’t know yet

(Deborah) I don’t know if they are on

(Gary) is this mic?

(Deborah) Sometimes I think I am more stressed than I let on, and then I know myself you have just got to get on with the job you know.

Jump in the middle and skank

(Gary) Wooo

(Deborah) Hello Roundhouse. Where do you think you are going? Are you having a good time everyone?

I think I have changed like enormously and I am really becoming the person I want to be Did you know this festival was entirely organised by a group of under 25s?

(Gary) That is right

(Deborah) The past like 8 months people like Deborah and Gary, and Sarah over there have been putting this festival together for you, and you know what? We haven’t been getting paid, we go to uni, we go to work, yeah, we put this here for you, can you tell me if all that hard work was worth it. Are you having fun?

(Audience) YES

(Deborah) See you guys later, after the Noisettes, woo

This is probably the most worthwhile thing I have ever done since being born and doing Year Dot you know? It has just been, just been fun. I can’t begin to explain this is just, that is what it is.


(Deborah) Turning Point Festival has made me realise what I want from life and for that reason it will stay with me forever, not only through my memories but through what I do me and Gary were the team.

This isn’t the finale of my life, this might be my year dot as such, it is the beginning You know? Like I have gained so much faith in myself in this project and as amazing as this is I know there is so much more to come, I won’t let there not be more you know?