(Jade) I was at school rehearsing for the end of year show, the piece that we are doing

elite syncopations, I was practicing that, and the school director came and knocked on the door

and said excuse me can I extract Jade a minute, so I was dismissed from the classroom

and I, classroom, sorry studio. And I went up to Mr. Kelly and I was like, and he said

you need to get over to BRB now, go speak to David Bintley the director.

and then I knew, I was like ok this is it, it is either no or a yes. yes or a no, didn’t

so anyway I immediately started shaking adrenalin going, and I said ok I will be 5 minutes, and he said

no, you leave now, so I ran I got all my stuff, he said I will go order you a taxi while you get ready

and go, so I am there waiting for the taxi, the taxi comes, get in the cab you know doing a bit of make up

putting perfume you know after rehearsal a little bit sweaty you want to look half decent. Got there

absolute panic, the taxi on the way there, there was loads of traffic so you had to take a different route

and I was thinking oh my gosh oh my gosh, what if I miss my opportunity to get there on time, I got there

Mr Bintley came out, and I was like oh gosh here we go. And he said, sorry I had to drag you out

do you want to come to my office, so followed him in. you know I am there thinking come on what is he going to say

and he said, was fiddling on his desk not looking, Jade would you like a job?

Yes I would love a job you know, all like halo squeaky clean. He was like, you got one

That was it, that was the moment, and from then on I was just completely speechless it was amazing.

he was just so lovely and so exciting, and it is still absolutely surreal to me, I mean I keep pinching myself

thinking this isn’t real, this isn’t real. And then I remember going outside the building and I literally

could not take the smile off my face it looked like I had Botox, I was literally like this the whole time

and I was trying hard not to because I looked ridiculous but I couldn’t.

bit emotional now actually, it is amazing can't believe it. And then I went into Mr Kelly’s office

and I was just like crying and he gave me a hug, and that is it, it was amazing my friends were there

Rex my best friend just like, you would have thought he got the contract he started like; he picked me up and was like

crying and like running me around the school calling his mum like Jade got a contract, it was amazing

and then that was it, it was just a dream come true. That is my story so Year Dot complete, goal

reached, but you know that is only the beginning now. So I have got so much to look forward to

it is amazing having that settled feeling knowing that I can go into the next year with so many aims and goals

you know to sort of carry my career though and that’s it really, don’t really know what else to say

it is just amazing. Anyway lovely to speak to you and see you again soon. Bye