he was just living with me, but now this is our home to make a start together us

four, so which is good.

(Jamal) I suppose it is like another chapter, that would id say strengthen the relationship

in a way.

(Melissa) We have no heating, no hot water.

I am just so pissed off right now. I just want; I want us to be able to sort out this place

and just try and live, and don’t have to keep worrying about things.

(Jamal) Things with money are a bit tight at the moment, obviously with all the move and stuff

and then obviously not much coming in.

(Melissa) I don’t want us to be in this situation forever, just both of us sitting here, voluntary work

here and there, but just receiving benefits, I don’t, that is not the life I want for us.


(Akilah) None of my close friends have been to uni, so none of them can tell me what it is like

so I was kind of going into it a bit blind.

the whole uni experience has definitely made me grow up, I am not even going to lie, I am a very lazy

person, I am lazy, if I could I would stay in bed all day. If I would have known before I started uni

how intense it would have been then I would have thought twice probably, the chance to do a different

course maybe because it is really full on


(Claire) I am going to Skipton today despite the fact I have got exams and essays and my dissertation due in

I think it is so important for politicians to be seen out and talking to people.

I think there is more to life than just a university education, a degree is really helpful, but it is also

the fact that I have got this experience which you cannot learn in books

you just cant get this from books.

How you doing? Good to see you, are they all ready?

(Duncan) Yep come in

(Claire) Thank you

We are at Craven College in Skipton and I am coming to give a talk about politics

political participation and political parties and things, and it is an A level class

I am about to go in now and give a talk.

(Akilah) I wouldn’t say that I am too stressed about the exams because, if there is one thing

I have noticed about myself is i lack a sense of urgency.

honestly I haven’t really done that much studying but I will do some studying I will definitely

try and revise soon, I am going to try and start revising now, because last time i crammed and

cramming doesn’t work.

Allegedly this is what they told us in the lecture the other day four out of six people

people won’t make it to the second year and I was just like ahhh. Everyone kind of looked around at

each other like so yeah, that is basically what these exams are about. if you don’t get into

second year they make you repeat the first year but if they told me that I had to repeat the first year

I know that I wouldn’t do it, I would defiantly leave, so in that sense it is important that I kind of need to

get the grades I need to get .

(Clare) So if you guys have got any questions that is kind of a main reason why I am here really

(Alice) Ok so you are from Northamptonshire and you live in York, so how do you feel like you can represent

Skipton more than people that live in Skipton have worked in Skipton?

(Claire) Where I am from as you say is Northamptonshire, but at the same time if I was to stand there

if I wanted to ever go forward in politics I would have to be a member of the labour of the sorry conservative

party because it is a very, very conservative area

(George) You just said that you feel all people deserve to be represented yet you just said that where you came from

you would have had to of joined a Tory party to get anywhere in politics, is that not a bit contradictory?

(Claire) That was my point was that when I was growing up and kind of when I was at school, no one

really bothered from labour party because they didn’t see the point and I think that is a really bad attitude to take

I like a good debate. You never know what is coming and it is always said that students are the hardest group to

ever please.

I do hope that even that from something like today these people will think hang on she is like us

she was sitting where we are three years ago and she is doing this so why cant I?

By me being there and recommending it as such they will think seriously about doing it so yes it

absolutely is worth it.

(Jamal) I have got to go to the studio now to sort out the session with the young people

Melissa is not too pleased because we just moved in yesterday. I am not too pleased about it either but

got to treat it seriously like work I suppose.

(Melissa) Yes I am annoyed that you are going to do this because at least a weekend should have been free

we only bought our stuff in yesterday

(Jamal) I know that but this was planned way before the move though

(Melissa) Yeah I know that

(Jamal) Deadline innit?

(Jamal) I know that, that is why I didn’t go there at all yesterday.

(Melissa) Fine go and do what you have got to do

(Melissa) I think ODS is a slow moving project.

(Jamal) See you later

(Melissa) Bye

Yeah it is paying off in the sense that it is making Jamal feel better about himself

and you know, but there is only so much voluntary work you can do, so if it

gets to a certain point in your life and you are still doing that then something

is wrong