(Simon) Hey Chris, alright? check you out arriving in style. How you doing mate?


(Simon) Chris is a comedy producer, he is a script editor, producer, writer, he is a

performer himself, hopefully today is a very good opportunity for him to tutor me one on one

and fine tune some stuff.

I think definitely with stand up it is, I don’t think you are necessarily born with it, some people

are, but I think it is also something, it is a skill that you can learn along the way. Definitely going to

listen to what he has to say because I will be a fool not to.

(Chris) Ok, for an exercise whenever I contradict you, you accept that contradiction.

(Simon) Ok cool

(Chris) And then correct yourself as if you have got it wrong

Simon Jenkins

(Simon) Thank you very much

I got up this morning at about half past 10

(Chris) No it wasn’t

(Simon) No you are right it was about quarter to 11 by the end of it, when I actually got out

of bed. And I started getting my clothes on

(Chris) No you didn’t

(Simon) Sorry no, I stood naked in the lounge for about 10 minutes, and i watched

the news

(Chris) No you didn’t

(Simon) Sorry it wasn’t the news, it was Tellytubbies that I was watching, it was Tellytubbies

I met up with Sophie and Ellen

(Chris) No you didn’t

(Simon) No, Sophie and Ellen, or was it Mark and Jeff? It was mark and Jeff

that I spoke to outside, and they are from my year in drama

(Chris) No they are not

(Simon) No they are in the year above me in drama

(Chris) No they are not

(Simon) No because there isn’t a year above me in drama, they are second year drama

No they are not

(Simon) No are they first year? I think they are first year

(Chris) No they are not

(Simon) No they are not at university, two randoms that I spoke to outside, never

met them before in my life.

If I am being taught I will kind of go in, goof around for a bit, whereas he came in

and he was just like straight to the point.

(Chris) So what that exercise did is obviously made you think on your feet. But the danger

is when you have done it a lot and you have really homed some material, it just looks too

rehearsed, it looks too much like a performance, and that starts to turn the audience off

what they want to see is this life this feeling of spontaneity.

(Simon) I do take direction kind of most days in uni if I am doing a performance and stuff like

that. but in terms of stand up it is a very I mean it is the apitimy of a lone performer, so you don’t

Ordinarily have someone directing you.

(Chris) It is Simon Jenkins (Clapping)

(Simon) Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen that is very kind. It is lovely to be here in London

today, it is absolutely beautiful. My mum rang me on the train here right, and she said, she said where are you?

now my mum is dangerously middle class you know, you will spot her in the audience, she will be the one wearing fur

I have been watching a lot of cookery programmes at the moment; I have learnt quite a few things, the main

thing I have learnt is that Gordon Ramsey is a tosser right? It is not so much him; I just don’t think it is

necessary for one man

(Chris) As was reflected in the session what he is lacking at the moment is something individual, he hasn’t found

himself, he has found to quite a good extent what stand up is what it is about. But he hasn’t found

who he is in a stand up context.

So things to work on. The main sort of issue is at the moment in terms of performance is the pace

is completely one note

(Simon) Yeah, yeah

(Chris) It is kind of quite relentless.

(Simon) I think that is the fundamental point that I got from today is that you know become more conversational

(Chris) Letting us see you thinking it through, and kind of things like what is best words you hear? Oh that

(Simon) When Chris was there kind of talking about, almost scientific formula of stand up, it is very interesting

to kind of see how you can, how you can pick it apart in such detail, but it is really helpful

to kind of go back to square one and kind of construct this style, this persona of yourself

on the stage.

Everything he said I totally agreed with, and some of the ideas he came up with I can really see working if I work on them

enough and then take them onto the stage