(Sheila) Jane is not going to actively manage us anymore because she believes without

100% focus that it won’t work.

(Ollie) So, I think it is really, really important that we are deeply honest about all of this

(Sheila) Me and the band are having a meeting tonight, and we are basically going to discuss the

best way forward. It could be the end of the band tonight, I don’t want it to be, but it could be

if they think it is going to be too much of a strain because I don’t want this just to be my decision

we are a band and it needs to be an equal decision that we all come to together.

(Luke) Is Jane still going to book gigs and stuff like that or?

(Ollie) No, she is totally out.

(Luke) Ok that’s cool.

I’m not fussed; it’s either we’re going to play together or we’re not, I don’t mind about the ins and outs

(Sheila) The main issues that we have got if we are going to continue, is funding rehearsals, where we are going

to rehearse, if we are still going to rehearse, obviously I am going to be in London. Sorry.

(Ollie) Ok, because originally I’m not like having a go, but originally when we started you did say that you were having

a gap year. And yeah, so that's I wasn’t sure about what was happening there.

(Luke) I mean it is just life isn’t it? If you decide that you want to have a gap year, then you decide you don’t

(Ollie) I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really, I don’t see much point in half doing something

(Luke) It is a yes or no isn’t it? Do you want to carry on? Yeah?

(Sheila) I am very, very confused. If it was all about passion, if it was all about heart then I would be there 100%

but there is more factors to take into account

(Ollie) Yeah but, but A and R scouts are going to want something that is basically ready and all they have to do is

make a sign on a bit of paper, or make Sheila sign a bit of paper.

(Sheila) Is being signed the, are we still working towards that? Because that is what I am saying, this is what we were doing

it was why Jane was managing us, it was working towards getting signed. I am being brutally honest I don’t know

if a record deal would make me happy, I think it would make me frustrated.

I am very confused at the moment about the music industry and how you get in it, and how you approach it and

whether you can just follow your heart and hopefully it will work out. Or whether you have to sell yourself out

which actually seems the quicker route to be honest at the moment.

We were working towards pop because pop is the market of commercialism and the masses

(Ollie) You can't, we can’t be stubborn against pop, because pop is not going to turn around to us and go oh go on then

(Sheila) Jane still to this day says that Should Have Known Better is the best song that I have written, and I am being

honest, I don’t think Should Have Known Better is anything special at all, I think it is the same as every other pop song.

out there.

I don’t know. It is this whole record deal goal that’s stuck in my head

(Ollie) We can be as stubborn as we want about it, but it is not going to change the market that it is. so we need to come up with

a solution.

(Sheila) Oh I don’t know. I love performing but I don’t think that is enough.

(Luke) We really can’t do much until you’re happy with the plan with what we are going to do, so.

(Sheila) Oh I wish I knew what the right answer was.

It is hard to say this is what I am doing; you are either with me or without me because i am just not that sort of person

and if this band is going to continue I am going to have to do that.