(Claire) I am going to skipton today, despite the fact I have got exams and essays and my dissertation due in. I think it is so important for politicians to be seen out talking to people I think there is more to life than just your uni education, your degree is really helpful, but it is also the fact that I have got this experience which you cannot learn in books you just cant get this from books.

How you doing? Good to see you. Are we all ready?

(Duncan) Yep come on in

(Claire) Great, thank you

We are at Craven College in Skipton and I have come in to give a talk in politics, political participation, at political parties and things. it is an A Level class, I am about to go in and give a talk.

Hi my name is Claire, and I am the perspective parliamentative candidate for Skipton and Ripon meaning that at the general election, I will be standing for labour here in this area.

I think the whole point of parliament is that it is a representative chamber, and so that way it would be really good to get more young people involved, because in the end we are all citizens of this country the decisions made effect all of us, not just those who are kind of 30 and upwards, it effects all of us.

So if you guys have got any questions, that is kind of a main reason why I am here really.

(Alice) Ok so you are from Northamptonshire, and you live in York, so how do you feel like you can represent Skipton more than people that live in Skipton, have worked in Skipton?

Where I am from as you say is Northamptonshire but at the same time if I was to stand there if I wanted to ever go forward in politics I would have to be a member of the labour, sorry the conservative party because it is a very, very conservative area.

(George) You just said that you feel all people deserve to be represented, yet you just said that where you came from you would have had to have joined a Tory party to get anywhere in politics, is that not a bit contradictory.

(Claire) That was my point that when I was growing up and kind of when I was at school, no one really bothered from the labour party because they didn’t see the point and I think that is a really bad attitude to take

(George) Without being patronising, some sort of answers seemed a bit naive, whether that was just because she wanted to relate more to a younger audience, I am not too sure, but sometimes she didn’t give as much a full answer as could have thought of with some of the questions she was saying.

(George) What do you reckon your chances are in the election?

(Claire) Going back by previous elections it is not what you call a winnable seat for labour, but it is the only way that I could win is if you guys vote. But yeah thank you so much for letting me come in and speak to you today, it was really good to actually speak to young people too, and hopefully it has got you thinking about some things and getting involved yourselves Good luck in your exams guys


(Claire) I like a good debate, you never know what is coming, it is always said that students are the hardest group to ever please

(William) I think it is very positive to have somebody who is young, who seems to be energetic and somebody you can see eye to eye with who is going to be in parliament kind of hopefully fight a young person’s corner, and somebody who is going to be their voice in parliament

(George) Sometimes people can get a bit precious about their own position in politics and not want other young people to get involved so you might want to be the only young person, but no she was great, I think the same.

(Alice) I feel like I could talk to her more than I could talk to David Currie, but yeah I probably would vote for her.

(Claire) I do hope that even from something like today these people will think hang on she is like us, she was sitting where we are 3 years ago and she is doing this so why cant I?

By me being there and recommending it as such they will think seriously about doing it, so yes it absolutely is worth it