None of my close friends have been to uni so none of them could tell me what it was like so I was kind of going into it a bit blind. The whole uni experience has definitely made

me grow up, 'cause I'm not even going to lie, I'm a very lazy person, I'm lazy, if I could I'd stay in bed all day. If I would of known before I actually started uni how

intense it would've been then I would have thought twice, probably, I would have tried to do a different course maybe 'cause it's really full on.

I wouldn't say that I'm too stressed about the exams, if there's one thing I've noticed about myself it's I lack a sense of urgency. Honestly I haven't really done that much

studying, but I will do some studying, I will definitely try and revise soon I'm going to try and start revising now, 'cause the last time I crammed and cramming

doesn't work. Allegedly, this is what they told us in the lecture the other day four out of six people won't make it to the second year and I was just like aarrrggh

Everyone kind of looked around at each other, yeah. That's basically what these exams are about.If you don't get onto the second year they make you repeat the first year

but if they told me that I had to repeat the first year I know that I wouldn't do it, I'd definitely leave, so in that sense it is important that I kind of need to get the

grades I need to get.