(Sam) We are about to go to Handsome Llama studios in Frome, to record my EP Just a Boy,

so I am very excited.

(Will) 2, 3, 4


(Sam) After the whole Eurovision thing happened and after that wasn’t going ahead I realised that

I have a choice.


(Sam) But I can either sit there and wallow in my camp euro glory and basically look a bit desperate

and a bit weird, or I cannot, I can just kind of pull myself together and start writing some really good

material of my own and really get out there.


(Will) Clack, clack, clack. No, no, no. Hold on a second. Double up your side stick go jat, jat, jat, yeah.

(Sam)Maybe for that final chorus, the first half maybe just like very light drums, and then kind of

come in a bit on the

(Will) Right? Let’s try it from the very top


(Sam) I am going into this to really get what is in my heart out there, and really lay down some

really, really good solid music to really start building my kind of foundation on.

(Will) It is going well, says he wants a Kelly Clarkson-esque sound, so we just made a sort of

now rocking version of one. Last song is sort of a tort song type of thing, really nice, looking

forward to hearing the next two songs, but we need to eat first. Starving musician, as you can tell

I mean look at this drummer, a stiff wind will blow him away.


(Sam) All is well, like a calm mill pond.


(Sam) Oh

(Will) Sorry.


As a musician I have definitely taken a new pathway, I think also as a person maybe

I have as well.


(Sam) This past year has been really difficult, so in some ways it has given me a lot kind of

a lot to think about, and a lot to write about


(Sam) It is a rollercoaster really; personally I have been going through some strange things

at the moment and I can really write from the heart and kind of write things that matter to me