(Nicolette) I was for a while quite down here. I mean when all the work kind of built up and when I was missing home and everything I couldn’t see very much kind of positive to come out of anything, and although it hasn’t been the smoothest of rides I can definitely say that I am a lot happier here now.

Tonight is Stock's house feast. It means getting together as a house group to celebrate the end of term, and really the end of the year.


(Nicolette) I think I feel more like a stock's girl, I definitely feel like part of the house now it has meant a lot to me to have that kind of friendship here over the past year.

I think all the struggles of growing up is that you do kind of conform to the majority. This year I have been able to find out more of who I am and be myself, before I would have really followed the crowd


(Charles) Ok there is a big gap here; there is a huge gap here.

(Nicolette) Although there have been some down times there, there have also been some times that are really good and I can look back and say that I really enjoyed it.

(Charles) Thank you very much, Thank you (Laughing) Oh dear complete madness.

(Nicolette) I think you can be really anyone you want here, and I really like that about the school that it gives you that kind of sense of freedom.


(Nicolette) I think it has really taken some doing to get to where I am now.

Mum I am really scared Mum, scared that nobody would like me.

This place sends you mad, it really does.


(Nicolette) Really I can say that all of the kind of hardship that I have been through, I think it has all been worth it, I realised tonight just what I have got here, and just to see how much

I have progressed and how far I have come.