Hi guys, I am back with my latest video diary. I do apologise again for not actually getting

enough of them in, but a lot has been going on, which has given me kind of time to think

about myself and the whole company and the way I kind of like work.

Just a bit of an update what has been happening, I have been trying to look for a venue

and it has kind of been impossible to find a suitable venue to put on a performance for my company

I originally wanted to do like an hour long performance, but it wasn’t going to happen so I was thinking

of doing maybe like a hour show or in hour show with other groups involved, so it is just like

my group maybe do like a 20 minute slot and then invite over my friends down with their groups so they can

perform, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Then it was a case of actually just having friends

and family just coming into the studio into the classes and just watch the young people perform and that is not

going to happen, all down to the lack of id say communication, but when I have been phoning spaces

been available they haven’t got back to me, and it has kind of like Peed me off now that I have been hunting for three

weeks. Well longer than three weeks but i have spoken to them three weeks previously and they still haven’t got

back to me even when I call them lately, they are like ok we will get someone to call you. So that is not going to

happen at the moment.

How do I feel about that, I am kind of, I’m not really kind of let down because there is still opportunity for the

young people to perform in July, but this is kind of a shame that you guys won’t get to see what the young people have

been working towards, so I am kind of like sad about that.