(Simon) Officially now I am not a student, I don’t have to go to lectures, I don’t have to do

do any more assignments, I don’t have to you know, do all the like standard things of University


That is the last bit of fun I can have in this university, it is over now.


Basically handing in the work in today is quite a big land stone, it symbolises the end of

not just uni and this module but kind of the end of my education.

After this I have got nothing to do in terms of like go to lectures, do work. Next time I sit in front

a computer it can be to do material or sort out some emails, stuff for stand up, not worry about

when is this due in, when is this due in. I don’t know, it is quite daunting you know that I have

got no deadlines set anymore you know, I am a free agent.


It is a good feeling like printing out the dissertation like I am about to do, it is going to be amazing

because you know, I have worked so hard on it and for so long, so it will be a great, I don’t know a great

sense of achievement to finally finish it, hand it in and you know just get on with what i really

want to be doing in life.


oh, mmm it smells like a first degree honours.

I mean today is pretty much my last day of full time education.

can I just hand in this dissertation

after this I have become an adult I suppose.

That is a wicked feeling, yeah. What shall I do now?


90% of the people I know that are in the same boat of finishing uni have no idea what they want to do

but I have got the advantage of knowing exactly what I want to do, I just have to work out

how is best to achieve it. I am trying to get a job but it just so happens that my job

is to become a stand up comic, not a what you call a conventional 9-5 job that a lot of people

do get when they finish uni.


I am excited about what is to come; I know I am going to enjoy the whole unpredictability of the whole thing

you know, not knowing where the next pay check is coming from and stuff like that.

You know I have got a massive passion for this; I want to make a career out of it i want to become

you know a very successful comedian. There is always that underlining fear of what if this all goes wrong

I wouldn’t be finishing uni, and being sat here saying I am going to go into stand up full time

try and make a profession out of it, if I didn’t think there is a chance I could make it, because I would

just be a dreamer, I would be a fool.