(Yvonne) 3 minutes past 11


(Yvonne) He's just late.

(Aaron) I am kind of excited today because this is like the final step in actually

securing everything. The company is set up, the space is set up, we just need a venue

for the production now, and if all goes well today and we like it then there is no going back

so, let’s just see what happens.

The show that is going to be held is a dance celebration. An opportunity for young peoples

friends and family to come and watch their work that they have been

working on over the last couple of months. Like I said it is a celebration so it is

a really big deal.

Morning, morning, morning, morning.

(Yvonne) Not talking to you. What time do you call this?

(Aaron) I had to drop my god children to get weighed.

(Yvonne) So couldn’t you do it 15 minutes earlier?

(Aaron) I could but you know it’s like timing isn’t it?

(Yvonne) Ok

(Aaron)I know that’s not good.

(Yvonne) The show can’t go up 15 minutes late.

(Aaron) (Laughing)

(Yvonne) Alright where do you want to take us?

(Ellen) Come through here, follow me.


(Aaron) It looks quite big

(Ellen) So here is our lovely theatre.

How many in your group do you know?

(Aaron) Probably looking at 70

(Ellen) 7 0?

(Aaron) Yeah

(Ellen) Ok. Comfortably backstage you could get 20, we have had more

(Aaron) (Laughing)

(Ellen) But, 70 yeah that is going to be quite a push. So that is definitely a conversation

you want to have.

(Aaron) wow

(Yvonne) So what do you think?

(Aaron) Capacity

(Yvonne) Yeah

(Aaron) That is going to be a problem

(Yvonne) Backstage.

Shall we go to see, at least have a look and see if we can arrange a meeting with Greenwich

dance agency GDA.

(Aaron) Our last little hope

(Yvonne) And

(Aaron) (Laughing) This is our last little hope.


(Louisa) So this is our main space

(Yvonne) Is it finished?

(Aaron) Wow, it is actually massive.

Yeah it is different, it is just different. In terms of if I was to obviously use this space

I would have to choreograph it in such a different way. But overall I think I prefer Greenwich.

I think the absolute first favourite choice is Greenwich Theatre in terms of the whole

atmosphere it has the raw theatre look where as Greenwich dance agency didn’t really

kind of appeal to me in such a way.

(Yvonne) So what do you think?

(Aaron) I’m not sure

(Yvonne) But Aaron I mean it is getting to the situation whereby we can’t have Lewisham Theatre

Greenwich Theatre is, you can’t have that until July. If you want this production to happen

before you know the deadline, we are going to have to make some decisions.

I don’t think he 100% understands the urgency of it, we are running out of time really

if you know we have got to secure it in the next week or so if it is going to happen.

I mean it is up to you ultimately.

(Aaron) I don’t want to rush things, if I was to do it, it will be because I am doing it

because it needs to get done because of X Y Z.

(Yvonne) You know ultimately is it going to look like you haven’t achieved your goal?

(Aaron) I don’t want to make it go downhill because I rushed it. But, if I don’t hold my show

the time between now and the time I finish filming I have failed one of my goals within

the year. But yeah it’s kind of the downside to it.