(Tom) This deal is worth between 5 and 10k, over a short period of time, which is great it is our first, well our largest deal so far. So yeah it is starting to give me a income but what I am really keen on doing is investing as much in the business again because I just want to see it grow.

(Suzy McGill) Not going to uni came to our attention from both the media coverage that Tom was getting as well as through our media agency, and his website is unique in terms of who it is talking to, and what they are saying so it is one part of the activity that the OU is doing to reach out to young students and it is a very important group of young adults, those who have decided that they don’t want to go on to University which is over half of young adults in sixth form today.

(Tom) This is where you fit in perfectly with us, because what not going to Uni is about is not saying don’t go to university, but it is saying look here is all the options outside of your traditional Uni if you like, you study 3 years, you get in debt, then find a job. So there could be say for during the campaign, there could be a widget there saying linking up to the student debt calculator, something like that.

(Suzy McGill) Part of the reason why the OU is investing in what it is that you are doing here and using your website as part of our activity to reach these young adults is the unique opportunity that you give the OU to reach a group of students who otherwise would be set absolutely adrift after they left school, and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens and how that grows

(Tom) Yeah well, I mean it is growing day by day so hopefully we can get a long lasting punch about this.

(Suzy McGill) Fantastic

And there is your copy, if you could sign the bottom one as well, then we have got all the paperwork we need behind this.

(Tom) We are starting to become sort of a bigger force in this market place and in the education world and in the media, and naturally people come on board with us.

(Suzy McGill) Great

(Tom) Brilliant, thank you very much

(Suzy McGill) Thank you.

(Tom) The business has moved on and you can’t stand still. We have now identified this much bigger, wider market opportunity, and you would just be a fool not to move into there.

Now we have got that user base, we want to see how we can develop that and create not going to Uni as a lifestyle.

Shifting it and trying to create this community aspect, offer it as a alternative to student life.

(Scott Evans) Maybe you know focusing it to more the students information, maybe a bit more fun a few more videos.

(Tom) I started the website kind of naive and not knowing, sort of venturing in to this market place not knowing much about it and I thought yeah this is just going to be focused on apprenticeships and that, but the more I have matured on this and the more the business has involved is in identified other routes.

(Spencer) It looks like we might actually make some money out of this baby, my investment might not be wasted.


(Tom) Cheers

(Spencer) Well done.