It's Monday, May Day and that means that the festival is starting in four days and I am,

so excited just (makes a noise) I'm really hyper but at the same time I'm really really

scared and I'm trying to make sure everything's done but at the same time I'm knackered

and I'm trying to maintain focus and I'm trying to be happy because you know that's

important too, I don't want to be all depressed when the festival's so soon 'cause it's

important I maintain my enthusiasm as well and I hate ask me, ah Deborah how's everything

going? I'm like oh god I'm so tired and I get like, cos I love what I'm doing at the end

of the day otherwise I wouldn't be spending so many hours not getting paid doing it.

and the reason I am actually happy and I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life

is because I've finally found something that's worth it you know, that's great and

I can't wait for it to happen and I can't for everyone to see what we've achieved

And I keep on saying to everyone I'm gonna cry on the weekend I will cry and I don't

know if you'll see it 'cause I might go into a toilet and hide, but, not 'cause I'm sad

but because I'm happy because the the people I've met through this process are amazing

and I was just on the phone and I was like this hasn't been easy and I've got stressed

and I've got upset and I've been sick. it's those people like the people organising this

event, the unsigned acts that are so up for it that make everything ok, and make me love

what I'm doing you know, those people 'cause at the end of the day like the reason I

poetry and the reason I love the arts and the reason I love philosophy and the reason I

love politics is 'cause of people. All you people out there and I'm ranting again

I always rant, I apologise I'm going to go now mwah mwah mwah.

I've got to go back to the Roundhouse like I am every day. See you later, mwah.