One term left, I can't believe it. Eight years of this

ultimate, disciplined, dedication training and everything

it’s just weird and I can’t almost believe it is coming to

an end. I think because I’m just so used to the training life

I just always assume it’s going to carry on forever.

(Jade's Dad)
Because she went away when she was eleven, but obviously when

they start you don’t think they are going to go away let alone

maybe take it up as a career.

I am very ambitious, I want to get a classical contract before the

end of the year and I just don’t want to falter in any aspect.

(Jade's Dad)
If you don’t come out with it, which some of them won’t do, I suppose

the risk is you haven’t got a job doing what you wanted to do.

Ok, well we are at the Roundhouse as usual, this weekend we've got

open auditions so we can harvest as much young talent as we can

for the festival. the leaflet we sent out said we could have anything

from a poet to musician to a DJ to someone who can do a

ridiculous amount of kickups; we're really open to what they can be.

Yeah it’s going to be exciting seeing all the acts that could be

but at the same time it’s going to be scary if I don’t see any of the

acts involved, what if they just don’t come!

I’m here to pick up my cheque from the Prince's Trust. Obviously

the cheque means that now I can now start paying stuff off which

I’m really happy about. I’m feeling like this is definitely the real


(Gemma Gardner)
Ok so here's your cheque. There we go.

Ahh, thank you.

(Gemma Gardner)
You can get started now.

I know, it’s amazing. Oh my gosh I’m actually so excited.

(Gemma Gardner)
Ah good.

This is probably more money than I have ever held in one hand.

So yeah it feels pretty special. Should just take it home and frame it.

There’s so many people in my life who have been huge support

and I’ve got my old dance teacher here with her husband. She was

the one that sort of discovered my Ballet potential in the first


(Janette Cload)
Rare really to find such talent just off the cuff. I mean I

obviously have had girls come to ballet and over a period of

time I’ve seen them develop into a talent but with her it was immediate

I could just see it right away.

I auditioned for Norwegian National Ballet, Prague, and Zurich.

I always say it’s her fault, my complete ballet career, because

she found me.

The thing I love about holding auditions like this is that the

people that are going to be bothered to find out about them and

trek to the Roundhouse are always going to be good.

(Dominic Berditch)
We're called Toxic Funk Berry, electro funk dance stuff with a

live drummer behind it.


(Josie Bamford)
Yeah Deborah’s kind of led it today; she’s pretty much run it all

herself, like I’ve kind of popped in to see how it’s going and

watched a little bit. I’m really keen that they don’t feel that

this is the Roundhouse's decision but that it’s their decision.


I feel like you don’t need drugs when you’ve got this do you?

I think it’s gone brilliantly and I’m really pleased and proud

of myself to be honest. I feel like I did all this while I was

doing my Uni work this week and I’m like get in Deborah.