My house I've been living in for a year and I'm moving out well, I've moved into my new place but we've got the landlord coming round in about 5 days to check the house is alright and to make sure it's clean and after 5 students living in it for a year. It's not that clean.

Bottles like that that have probably been there for the year, cigarette butts- they don't really need to be here. I don't think this room's ever been hoovered and we've been here for a year. It's not as dodgy as it seems.

A few of us who live here have got hay fever.

This is one of the holes where the mice came through just in the radiator and when we want a bit of privacy, it's quite simple, you just take a rolled up sock and stuff that sock there.

Oh my god! Have you seen under the sofa? Jesus man that's gonna take ages. I don't wanna pick it up.

Arr, there's loads of mouse poo behind here. Like loads of mouse poo. And Oreo cookies.

I'll cover that up, pretend I didn't see that. Arr! (Laughter)

We've got body form, err, sanitary towels even though there's four blokes living here. I don't know why they're there.

That's mouldy beer. That's been there for about 6 months.

I see no reason why that won't work. That'll be fine, just needs fresh water.

I got a gig tonight. (Laughter) Not doing that, not doing that.

People have told me that my glasses look quite cool, that may be the case now, but if I'm still wearing these when I'm 40, I'll just look like a paedophile. Where's the cut-off point? I's like a cliff. Having a nice walk, having a nice walk then suddenly, argh! Paedophile.

(Simon's friend)
Do you have to wait til the end?

It depends how the set goes. If I do well, I'll wait til the end to see who the winner is but if I die then I'll probably just leave (Laughter)