(Sam) I am not a idiot I know that you know there are heaps and heaps of people who do want to become you know singer songwriters, I am not unrealistic, I am definitely keeping all options open at the moment.

Earlier in the year I did a interview for From FM and the guy that runs the radio station sent me a message asking me whether I would like to do my own show on Frome FM and it seemed like a good opportunity.

I have always been interested in radio actually and I used to do a monthly show for one of the gay sites that I am on.

Hopefully I donít insult any dead people or kind of say anything bad about the queen, also they donít have a bleep machine or anything and I do swear like a fishwife so.


(Sam) Oh were back

(Stephanie) It is that time of the month again (Laughing)

(Sam) I cannot believe you just said that.

We have a magazine here on the desk, I am not going to, I am not going to

(Stephanie) Thatís how professional we are.

(Sam) We are very professional, I am not going to tell you which one it is, but it is a celebrity magazine and we are liking that. So we are just going to be flicking through, you may hear the pages flick. News just in, Jordan is miserable

(Stephanie) She is already fearing failure

(Sam) Failure of what? It is not like her boobs are going to disappear.

We were having a conversation the other day of who I would go straight for and who Steph would go gay for, and I said Penelope Cruz and Steph said, who did you say Steph?

(Stephanie) Kate Winslet

(Sam) Kate Winslet, Steph loves her English Roses

(Stephanie) But my Dad thinks I look like her.

(Sam) If I was in a dark alley and you came walking towards me I'd think that you were the old lady from Titanic (Laughing) I am sorry I am sorry but it gets more and more wrong all the time.

(Will) You have got a text message

(Sam) We have a text message

(Will) Hello Sam, Bens listening in

(Sam) Ben is listening in

(Stephanie) Whoís Ben?

(Sam) Ben AKA Rio I think that is, lovely hello Ben, it is lovely to have you listening in. We have one listener (Laughing)

So Kerry Katona has apparently lost all of this weight so now all of her depression woes are completely solved.

(Stephanie) There we go

(Sam) Why donít the Doctors see this when I go in with my yearly seasonal affective disorder they can say well Sam it is just that you are a bit fat We really hope that you have liked the show, you can listen again online if you if you are stupid, we are back in black so yeah we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have

(Stephanie) Have a good evening Frome

(Sam) Have a good evening

(Stephanie) And Mum and Dad, I love you

(Sam) You make me sick

(Sam) Ok, were done

Nice to get a text in though werenít it?

(Stephanie) Yeah

(Sam) I thought it went really well actually, I have never done anything live like that other than you know musical performance. But no I was very happy with it you know it needs polishing and I think we need to plan our stories better and we wonít have so much dead air.

It is definitely something I take seriously, I mean it is something I enjoy doing So, you know if at any point I could do something you know encompassing that then that would definitely be a good thing for me