If you have any tips for me about how to go about your dreams,

how to go and reach for them, please tell me! Obviously I've

got my own ideas and thoughts of it, I mean, you have to be

determined and you have to be committed to it otherwise you're

not gonna get there and you have to have your heart in it but I

mean, I think these are pretty basic things, I mean, it's obviously

contacts, I mean, if anyone has any contacts, feel free (giggles)

Erm, also, recording people out there, I don't want to sound like

another person just going, hey, give me a deal I'm talented cos

I know it's a lot of hard work. You can't, you can't just...You can't

just go into a studio, record a song and be like, yeah, give me a

number one hit. You have to work for it and I, I know it's a two way

thing, you can't just expect them to do everything and you can't

just expect, can't expect yourself just to do everything, it is a

a two way process but if someone thinks out there that I am talented

and that I do have the drive and potential, then it would be great

to kind of be put in touch with that because it would be really nice

to have someone have that faith in me to say, yes I think you're

talented, I think that you have the potential and I'd like to take

you up on that. So yes, this has been my video diary, I'm Sheila, thank you.