(Gilly) Since you last seen me I have been put down courses in my college, I am now on a certificate rather than a diploma, the only difference is I am now going to get 2 A Level’s instead of get 3. I decided not to go to uni, I had a sit down and had a think about what I wanted to do after the academy seeing as the time down here seems to be going quicker and quicker and for me my coaching is the best job for me to go onto afterwards and the most enjoyable for me as well we learnt how to set up in our level one course we did last year. So basically trying to remember it now.

(John) Well I think to be a good coach; almost certainly the most important thing is to prepare your sessions well to have good technical knowledge.

(Gilly) I am a bit nervous about doing my session only the fact that it is by myself, now the pressure is on for me to to like produce a good standard of it.

I hate this.

(John) Whenever you are ready Gilly.

(Gilly) Girls, ready.

Hi my name is Gilly, I am going to be your coach for today. I’ve checked the field and the equipment and there is nothing wrong with it

We are going to do ball control, so first of all we are going to be doing this little circuit. So if I can have 1, 2, 3, 4 go on the outside

pink bibs, and then the rest of you in the middle in the yellow bibs.

(John) If you want to be a good coach you need personality wise to be the sort of person that can relate to players to get them working for you and working with you.

Pushing it down and bring it down yeah? Instead of bouncing it back up.

try again.

(John) You have to understand when players make errors, you have to be able to spot and identify that, and get the player to understand what they could have done better.

(Gilly) Stop there, stop there. Right Ruby why do you reckon that happened? Pass it here. Why do you reckon you missed?

You were more like this, so you unaware of what was happening behind you. Also you were probably thinking more ahead of what you were going to do next rather than getting it down. So Kayleigh throw the ball again to Ruby. Oh not yet please.

So you have open body shape, so you can take it and turn out like the same situation with Em there where you can take it out.

Try again.

Well done and were go live.

I have got the opportunity to give something back and to carry on promoting women’s football so I am going to do the best that I can


(John) She did really well, she was one of the better ones today, they all did a high standard, but Gilly has got good knowledge she has got a good personality, she organised and prepared her session well, she delivered it in a confident style, she got her points

across well, and she effected the players as a group.

(Gilly) There are a lot of opportunities for me to get involved with Arsenal and do coaching with Arsenal and that but for me I just want to go out there and do something for myself, I don’t want to be bossed around by someone else like. I want to go and do things for myself, and to say that yeah I have got myself here and I have done it by myself. For me going on my own is what I see as my future