Felsted has really shown me over the last few months that I can push myself to do whatever I want and to achieve all these amazing things, but I don’t know. Could Cambridge be a step too far for me to think about? I don’t know yet.

It really does make you quite hungry for the lifestyle and being able to just attend such an amazing place that other people would kill for a space to be at.

It sways one of those dreams that people can have about achieving great things academically.

(Kiran Moodley)This is where you will probably have your interview, it is where the fellows live, and in your 3rd year you have a chance of living here, they have a sort of complicated room system, so you may live in some of these rooms which have amazing views across kings, you can see Kings chapel.

(Nicolette) looking around you can see it is really worth everything when such amazing opportunities are open to you and you know, just the history just blows you away, the amazing people that have been here before and everything that Cambridge really stands for.

My first impressions of Cambridge is that it is an amazing place, and that it would be just simply amazing to be able to study here, it is really just an amazing opportunity for anyone, but I think it is obviously really difficult to get into a place like this and you really have to work towards pushing yourself if you want to become a student at Cambridge.

(Kiran Moodley) So this is some pretty old and really rare books here, I mean Clare is the second oldest college and it has a distinguished history.

(Nicolette) From today I can consider you know, do I really want to make the effort of doing everything, because it will be a hell of a lot of work to try and get in here.

I haven’t decided yet which college specifically that I would really go for in the end.

It has really blown me away but if I can just put my mind into focus and think of everything that I
could achieve then that would be really amazing.

(Kiran Moodley) Enjoy the tour?

(Nicolette) Oh thank you so much

(Kiran Moodley) Good luck with the application

(Nicolette) Thank you, it was lovely to meet you, so thank you, thank you so much.