(Akilah) I don’t really want a party, I just wanted to have my close friends around me, have a drink or something like that, because I am not really a party person, I am quite shy, not very social, quite anti social person

(Natel) We have got loads of Barbeque chicken wings, and a big cake and candles, so we are going to do the Happy birthday, she can have a couple of drinks and that, yeah it should be fun.

(Akilah) People think I am social and outgoing but I am really not, I am really shy and just reserved.

(Natel) It is the beginning of being a women you know, she has still got lots to learn and lots to experience but you know, yeah it is saying goodbye of your teen years.


You know she is an adult now; she is a woman (Laughs)



(Natel) Somebody’s at the door, there’s somebody at. Hello. Ok.

Akilah is probably taking her time deliberately

(Chantal) Fashionably late innit?

(Natel) Yeah


(Akilah) I have never actually had all my close friends in one place, a lot of my close friends don’t really know each other which is a bit strange, but yeah it is nice to have them all together.

Have got old and new friends, and Deborah is my newest friend, my Year Dot friend and yeah she is here as well and it is just good to have everyone in the same place.

(Singing ‘Happy Birthday’)

(Akilah) Every time someone says I am officially not a teenager it kind of gets me down and like oh, because there is that you can get away with when you are a teenager and use that as an excuse 20 is kind of like oh you are officially an adult, you must behave properly, but I cant see that happening really.


(Akilah) I have to just be like well ok I am an adult I need to take some responsibility for the things that I do and my behaviour