(Tom) Today I have been invited up to an education forum debate in Westminster It is all about the qualifications and examinations system and how much public confidence there is in it.

(Hannah) Can I take your name?

(Tom) Yeah, Tom Mursell

I would have never have imagined in a million years that I would be up here when I first started the website, that I would be up doing this sort of debate being a panellist in a education debate with politicians and education leaders and all sorts.

Just send a post on Twitter, let people know what I am doing and what I am up to today.

(Baroness Garden Of Frognal) And Tom is going to go as a slightly different perspective I think

(Tom) I think I will.

(Baroness Garden Of Frognal) The founder of notgoingtouni.co.uk

(Tom) Yes that is right, my name is Tom Mursell, I think or I hope you will be interested in my perspective, both as a recent school leaver and founding not going to Uni.

The general consensus from the small medium enterprise sector, is that businesses have very little confidence in the examination system, for both school leavers and graduates alike.

70% of young people who are actually currently working full time believe that education didn’t prepare them for the work place, so I guess the point I am trying to make is perhaps after 26 years of record breaking A Levels, the public may need a bit of convincing, they are not being devalued.

So on the whole, through my experiences in dealing both with public and employers the confidence in the current examination system is low. Thank you.

(MC) Thank you very much indeed Tom.

(Tom) Ultimately if they devalue them at the end of the day, then people are going to start to question what is the point, if everyone is coming out with 3 As at A Level, everyone is coming out with the same degree, so 1st class honours, then people are going to start to question what is the point of doing it.

On Twitter I am networked with a lot of other young entrepreneurs who I know, and it is just interesting to follow each other’s day to day lives because they are so different. Just like I read of interest what everyone else is doing, I hope they are doing the same, so I post updates.

It is all about expanding the number of people you reach. It is important I guess because you never know who is reading, and someone may comment, which could further your career if you like a lot of people come on to the site and they do end up going to uni but they try and see what other options there are.

I don’t know if it is of interest to anyone, but I hope it is, especially if I am at an event it is just to show people where I am, what I am up to.

As with any social networks, you only use them because who else uses them, a lot of young entrepreneurs and people in the business world use it, and we all seem to follow each other.