Hey everyone, I have got a pretty big announcement to make. Throughout the whole of Year Dot my whole plan was to take a deferred entry into University and spend a year working solely on music literally I have started thinking about going this year because I am scared of my academic the academic side of me like failing getting weaker in that year and I don’t think music has to stop because of university I was seeing it very black and white that I had to concentrate solely on music or solely on college, and I was finding it hard to juggle between, but I don’t know I find it hard to juggle between, but I think it is very do able , and I don’t want to defer my academic studies purely for music and I wouldn’t want to do it the other way around, I wouldn’t want to defer my musical side for my academic side, I just think they work side by side and I want to continue doing that, so I have been thinking about it for a long time and I have gone directly through to Kingston University which is the university I want to go to, and they have given me a conditional offer for deferred entry but I have asked to change it to this September, so fingers crossed I will get into Kingston University this year instead of next Year.

It is strange because it seemed like such an impulse thing like when I talked about it with my parents but I have kind of been secretly deliberating it in my head, especially with Year Dot, the whole story kind of kind of going that I wanted deferred entry and this whole plan and I am the kind of person that always does plan things I don’t know I have thought about it for a long time and it seems a bit out of the blue but it has been going around and round in my head and this is really what I want to do I want to go to university this year .

I really hope I can this year, I think a lot of characteristics have changed in me since the break up with my boyfriend I think life’s to short to not go for the things you really believe in, no matter how obscured or ridiculous it may sound. At the end of the day the worst that can happen is you don’t get that but you will never know if you don’t try. And yeah I think you have got to be realistic about things still, you can’t just leap right in if it is totally and utterly ludicrous. But this is really what I want and I feel really settled, I was worrying about this gap year for a long time because I was thinking well my whole plan was in my gap year I was going to work, get some money I was obviously going to concentrate on music promoting gigs, I was going to learn to drive, I mean I think a few things will suffer from me going to university obviously I won’t be able to concentrate on music as much, and I won’t be able to learn to drive until after, but I mean that is no biggy loads of people learn to drive after university .

I just feel so passionate about English and creative writing right now I don’t want that to weaken in a year, I mean a year seems quite small in the whole scale of life but I really want to go this year I almost don’t want to get to excited encase I don’t get in this year.

But all I can do is ask, all I can do is try. Like I said the worst that can happen is they could say no, so fingers crossed