Hi, I've finally finished term here at the University of York.

This is the end of my second year now finished an I'm still standing so this is always is a good sign. Today I'm packing everything up in my house err, sorting out what I want to keep in here York and move to my new house where I'll be living next year and pack everything else away basically into boxes and bin bags which I hate doing so my Dad can pick it up at the weekend.

I'm heading back down there, back down to Northampton for 3 months now so i won't be here very much as of then so it's a bit of a change really so over the summer, I'll be working full time basically; I'm starting back at work on Monday o quite soon, err, today being Thursday so I only really get a couple of days here I'm not working but I do need the money and work is good fun and everyone there is really nice so I really can't complain. I've a visitor assistant at rthop House in the summer so I welcome people in, work in the shop, cafe, things like that so it's a nice job, erm what else am I doing? Erm, I'll be doing other political things in the summer as well, we've got an open meeitng that we're holding in Skipton on July 17th and that's a day after my 20th birthday as well so I'm coming straight back up here again to stay in York overnight, erm, go to Skipton Linda Macavon, MEP, will be speaking as well, I'll be speaking, perhaps Frank Dobson might be coming as well, another MP, and some other people as well so we'll see how that goes, so you'll be seeing me doing that speaking and it's my first real public appearance so hopefully it will go quite well. I'm not really planning on going away too much, I might go to America in September when I finish work, I work until the end of August so i might go to America and campaign for Baracca Obama if I can which would be absolutely fantastic but again, it's just sorting it out and actually booking the flights and actually just going over and doing it I always have these great ideas but it's actually making sure I follow through, erm, but it'll be fantastic if I do. But that's the plan at the minute, but it'll be nice to go home and spend more time at home and see some of my friends and family and I haven't seen some of my friends in absolutely ages and it's about time for a catch up really and see what they're doing and how there years been at uni, I think it's probably been a bit quieter than mine but it's always great to see what's going on everyone's lives so, no it's going to be a bit of a change, er, and obviously this project, Year Dot, starting as well on Monday so I start work as well as this project starts on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it will be really great; obviously it will be really great publicity for me and my campaign and to show that I am a normal person, honestly I'm nice, I'm in politics and I want to, I really do want to make some sort of a difference if I can I'm very committed to my campaign to the Labour party and to the political process and so this is a really big step for me because it's really launching me out there, its really kicking it all off and I never expected to be doing a project like this for Channel 4.

Or to do this ever in my life, I didn't expect to be running for parliament let alone doing this and this had all happened so quickly and I suppose in some ways it is a bit daunting because I don't expect all the feedback to be positive and you never really know how I'm going to come across or what people will say or think about me so there's always that side to it and it is a bit nerve racking but hopefully it will be okay, erm, and hopefully people will get to know me and see more of me throughout the year and get to know me for who I really am as oppose to just what they read about in the papers so hopefully it will be a really good project I'm, yeah. Looking forward to it, looking forward to it getting started.