(Sam) Sunny, sunny Basingstoke. No, no

(Maija) So were lost in Basingstoke?

(Sam) Um, yes

Basically, we got word at the end of last week that people from godhatesfags.com

are coming to our country to pollute our green and pleasant land with their hate speech.

and they are coming here to protest a performance of a show about homophobia

and so hopefully there are going to be lots of us here to meet them.

We are, as ever very well prepared, we have no placards; we have no fellow protesters yet.


(Natasha) Hiya

(Sam) We have come up for the protest; do you know anything about that?

(Natasha) Yeah, the one at QMC with the Westboro Baptist?

(Sam) Yeah

(Natasha) Yeah, yeah I am going up there later

(Sam) Wow, cool, so how many people are they expecting do you know?

(Natasha) Well I was reading on the forums on the internet, I think there is going to be

at least 300 people I heard, but we will see if they turn up.

(Sam) Okey dokey, thank you very much and we will see you there hopefully

cool, thank you.

Hopefully later on, I mean nobody is going to be there yet but hopefully later on

there is going to be a big crowd of people getting all riled up for the cause.

Normal protests, not that I have been to any, this is my first one, I am not normally

nearly as extreme, so normal you just kind of stand there and wave placards and get angry

however I think normally they

(Maija) You are not protesting against protesters.

(Sam) Well, that is the thing. So I believe we are going to try and block them out by any

means necessary, so make as much noise as we can. Possibly kind of surround the theatre

because that is where the thingy is going on so we don’t want to kind of disrupt it

and basically drown out what they are saying which should be fun.

I am not worried really by the fact that there is nobody here. However if there is never anybody

here then I will look rather stupid, but never mind. Wouldn’t be the first time.


(Blake) Basically they just ripped bits out of the bible to suit themselves, because they don’t like

homosexuals, I mean we are in the 21st Century are we not, you know, everything goes.

(Sam) Such a huge and important piece of theatre that really does need to be shown around the

country and really get the message out there.

(Elliot) The story is about a guy got picked up in a bar, got driven outside town, got tied to one of those

cattle fence, and got the seven bells knocked out of him. And he was left there for 18 hours

then he died, and it is all about a theatre company coming a year after it has actually happened

to film like the chief of police, the bar tender who saw it happen and it is all about

the people who were interviewed just saying their stories on stage.

(Paul)Some of the cast have been very nerve wracking as some of them are very young, 16, the youngest

is 16, and he has been quite worried. Some of the straight members of the cast have been

quite worried because they suddenly realise the level of hate that we experience on a daily basis

so that has freaked them out. I mean some of the cast have had that, had similar experience

this week with young people who have recognised them in Basingstoke, from the photographs in the local

press and said oh your that gay boy from that play and Dan one of the lads said yeah, what of it? And the

boy went, ah um well, you are, and he said I am bye bye, and the boy just went oh, and ran away, which was

quite a positive thing, it was very empowering and very positive to have had that experience.

(Sam)Yeah it is so important this kind of stuff goes on and goes ahead regardless of whether they think they are

going to turn up.


(Sam) Nothing much is going down ATM, so it is good, them home office did their job

and made sure that scum like that cant get into our country.

(Maija) It hasn’t been such a bad place.

(Sam) it is not a bad place at all, in fact I might visit it again.

(Maija) Wouldn’t go that far.

(Sam) Laughs